Benjamin Franklin

In what year was Franklin Born?
In what year was Franklin Born?
What conference did Franklin attend in 1754?
The Albany Convention
Who hired Franklin when he first arrived in Philadelphia?
Samuel Keimer
What did Franklin want to do after he finished school?
Go to sea
When did Franklin meet his wife?
Why did franklin go to England in 1724?
He wanted to buy equipment to start a printing shop
Who was Franklins partner in her first printing shop?
James Meredith
What was the Junto?
What was the Junto?
A discussion and debate club
What paper did Franklin buy from his former boss
The Pennsylvania Gazette
How many children did Franklin have?
What was the result of Franklins essay “A Proposal for promoting useful knowledge”?
The American Philosophical Society
What was the name of Franklin’s daughter?
What important job did franklin’s son William hold?
Governor of New Jersey
When did Franklin retire from the active printing business?
In what year did Franklin conduct his kite experiment?
Who were the Paxton Boys?
Who were the Paxton Boys?
A group of rebellious settlers who massacred some indians
What did Franklin's famous 1754 cartoon say?
What did Franklin’s famous 1754 cartoon say?
“Join or die”
What did the carton refer to?
The need for the colonies to unite to defend the frontier
Who was
Who was “Poor Richard”
The fictional narrator of Franklin’s yearly almanac
Why did Franklins return to London in 1764?
to petition the British to change Pennsylvania’s form of government
When did Franklin start writing his Autobiography?
What was his fathers occupation?
What was his fathers occupation?
Candle maker
What happened while Franklin was at sea in 1775?
The battles of Concord and Lexington
Who denounced Franklin as a criminal in 1774?
Who denounced Franklin as a criminal in 1774?
Alexander Wedderburn
Who did NOT work with Franklin to negotiate a peace treaty with Britain?
James Madison
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