Benjamin Franklin

BJ – Four Rules in Life
1) Frugality (until you don’t owe anything)
2) Work ethic (be industrious)
3) Sincerity and honesty
4) Speak ill of no one
BJ – Benjamin Franklin’s First Writing Pseudonym (Pen Name) in the New England Courant
Silence Dogood
BJ – Benjamin Franklin’s Birth Date and Location
January 17, 1702; Boston
BJ – Three cities of Major Influence on Young BJ
1) Boston
2) Philadelphia
3) London
BJ – Benjamin Franklin’s Four Personality Traits
1) Pragmatic
2) Gregarious / Social
3) Intellectually curious
4) Rebellious / Aversion to Authority
BJ – Two Authors from the London-based Spectator that BJ admired and emulated their styles
1) Joseph Addison
2) Richard Steele
BJ – Benjamin Franklin’s 12 Virtues
1) Temperance
2) Silence
3) Order
4) Resolution
5) Frugality
6) Industry (work ethic)
7) Sincerity
8) Justice
9) Moderation
10) Cleanliness
11) Chastity
12) Tranquility
BJ – Two Contradictory American Principles (Tocqueville)
1) Individualism
2) Spirit of community
BJ – How did Benjamin Franklin make his fortune?
In the publishing business
BJ – What are the four steps of the value chain Benjamin Franklin integrated for his publishing operations?
1) Production (printing operations)
2) Content creation (his own writing)
3) Products (The Pennsylvania Gazette and Poor Richard’s Alamanac)
4) Distribution and news flow (Postmaster in Pennsylvania)
BJ – Two Puritan Values
1) Hard work
2) Frugality
BJ – Most Famous Science Contribution
Discovery of the link between electricity and lightning
BJ – Benjamin Franklin’s Examples of Scientific Interest
1) Charting the Gulf Stream
2) Designing a stove
3) Studying the cause of cold
4) Finding lead as a cause of poisoning
BJ – Cause of the dispute between BJ and the Penn Family
A land tax to finance the colonial defense
BJ – Cause of the dispute between the Colonies and Great Britain
The right to tax the Colonies without representation in London
BJ – Benjamin Franklin’s signature is at the bottom of which three important documents?
Declaration of Independence (1776)
Peace Treaty with Great Britain (1783)
U.S. Constitution (1789)
BJ – What debated issue the Great Compromise solved in the U.S. Constitution?
Whether representation to the Congress should be based on (1) proportional representation (2) equal representation
BJ – What was the ideal structure of the Congress according to Benjamin Franklin?
An unicameral chamber
BJ – The victory in which battle tilted the balance in favour of American Independence?
The Battle of Yorkton in 1781
BJ – Balancing of which two principles describes American’s foreign policy?
1) Idealism
2) Realism (realpolitik and balance of powers)
BJ – What are the two Political Institutions in Pennsylvania and interests did they mostly favour?
1) State Assembly – defending middle class citizens
2) Governor – defending large landowners and aristocrats
BJ – Benjamin Franklin’s Moral Duty for Wealthy People
Help individuals in genuine need
BJ – What were the three reasons Benjamin Franklin despised Aristocrats?
1) Hereditary privileges
2) Unnecessary luxury
3) Conspicuous idleness
BJ – Two Characteristics of Benjamin Franklin’s Writing Style?
1) unadorned
2) witty
BJ – At what age did Benjamin Franklin retire?
42 years
BJ – At what age did Benjamin Franklin run away to Philadelphia?
BJ – What was the profession of Benjamin Franklin’s Father?
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