Benjamin Franklin Revolutionary War

12 December 2017

War Benjamin Franklin was the most indispensable people of his time period. His ideas changed the way the American colonists thought about how the colonies should be governed, helped draft the Declaration of Independence, influenced the French to ally with the colonies and negotiated the Treaty of Paris Franklin changed the way the colonists thought about how the colonies should be governed through his Albany Plan of Union.Which as you all know was a proposal to unite all the colonies.

Despite the fact that his plan was rejected, it was the first time anyone had considered changing the way the colonies were subjugated. Eventually, the Albany Plan of Union influenced the writing of the Articles of Confederation. Later, in 1765 the Stamp Act was passed stating that every printed document was required to have a stamp on it. Franklin testified this act and eventually the stamp act was repealed.Although with the repeal of this act, the British government put more restricting laws in place to start control over the colonies, which lead to more anti-British uprisings by the American colonists. Once these anti-British uprisings started the Revolutionary War, Franklin was selected to serve as a delegate for the Second Continental Congress where he was apart of the five-person committee to draft the Declaration of Independence in June of 1776. In October of 1776, George Washington asked Franklin to go to France to help get the French to ally with the United States.

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Two years later, Franklin influenced the French to sign the Treaty of Alliance stating that the United States and the French were now allies against the British and the French would help the United States fight the British until the United States had full Independence from Britain. The signing of this treaty was a crucial part In the Americans victory. In 1783, Franklin helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris along which ended the Revolutionary War. Franklins knowledge was critical In the Revolutionary war, as he once said, “Genius without silver Is Like a gold In the mine”.

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