Benjamin West, Death On The Pale Horse

4 April 2015
Analyzes the late 18th Century apocalyptic painting’s style, color, lines, theme, forms and technique.

Benjamin West’s Death on the Pale Horse

This paper will analyze the context in which the work of art, Death on the Pale Horse was created. The discussion will also identify the medium which the artist chose as well as highlight some of the more interesting aspects of this Benjamin West painting.

Two copies of the painting, both of which have been exhibited and reproduced as authentic works by Benjamin West, are in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. However, in articles written by a former director for that museum, Fiske Kimball, the old director questions whether these two paintings are actually copies. The articles were published in 1931 and 1932, and art historians now believe that the two originals now hang elsewhere (Von Erffa …

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