Ah! Before I could believe it I was being chewed up by wired teeth. The salivary glands made me all soft and moist. I was formed into a bolus like my Italian meatball friends. I looked at my other bean friends and they all looked terrified. While going down the esophagi it felt like we were going down the Drop of Doom. The peristalsis propelled us down the esophagi and into the stomach. The peristalsis is muscle contractions that move food, blood, or waste through the body. Suddenly, my friends and I got squirted by hydrochloric acid, whose Job is to break own all the food humans eat.

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While in the stomach, I got pulverize. I asked Lola, “Is this going to hurt? ” Lola said, “We don’t have nerves, so we won’t feel a thing. ” I confessed, “I am confused, because last week my mom told me that I had a lot of nerve when I got into trouble. ” Lola replied, “No silly! That is a different type of nerve. These nerves have five special senses which are hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, and tasting. ” Next, we traveled through as chem. which passes from the stomach into the first part of the intestines.

It looked like the Crest brand green and white toothpaste and felt like stale yogurt. The pancreas then releases insulin and helps to neutralize the acid in the stomach. Insulin controls blood sugar levels. If there is not enough insulin, then you get diabetes. My other friend, Sammy, told me that we are about to pass the liver which produces a smelly, black substance called bile that helps digest food. The bile duct squirts acid that breaks down fat. After we traveled to the small intestine, where the food is absorbed, we passed wrought the large intestine.

In the large intestine, water is absorbed. As we entered the rectum, we saw a sign that stated, ‘Hotel Constipation’. Jackson then stated, “If humans are constipated, the rectum collects food. ” checking out of ‘Hotel Constipation’ after such a short period of time! ” Finally, we

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were on our way out, but first, we had to pass through the anus. We landed in a wet bowl and tried not to notice the stuff surrounding us. I suddenly felt dizzy as I was Jolted like a reallocates down the pipes. Ay eve, “l am glad that is over! “

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