Beowulf and Odysseus the Unlikeliest of Heroes

A compare and contrast analysis of Beowulf and Odysseus – two heroes from different eras.

This paper considers the similarities and differences shown between the Greek Hero Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey and the Northern Hero Beowulf in the saga Beowulf, discussing how either can be heroes and arguing in some ways that it is more than deeds that marks a hero, but also the way in which they behave and relate to others.
In the Odyssey we see Odysseus as a complex character and in may way as contrast who is both similar and different to that of his counterpart Beowulf.. However we can argue that the way in which they were brought up had an impact on their characters, and that the absence of any real documented evidence of the truth we cannot have a clear precise detail of what may have influenced either at the time of the sagas being spoken or their deeds being carried out.

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