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9 September 2017

Beowulf Essay, Research Paper

Beowulf Writing Assignment

Through the usage of the struggle between good and evil throughout Beowulf, it was shown that two antonyms could non peacefully coexist. Beowulf, with 14 of his finest work forces, crossed the sea to assist Hrothgar. Upon hearing of the Danes? horror, the hero decided to come to their assistance. Beowulf appealed to Hrothgar for the right to conflict Grendel. Hrothgar, being hopeful, allowed Beowulf to prosecute the monster. Beowulf single-handedly defeated Grendel. The monster was no lucifer for the amazing power of the hero. The good overcame the immorality, and Danes were thankful.

After the licking of the evil monster, it was thought that the affliction was over. Grendel? s female parent takes retaliation on the Danes. She kills Hrothgar? s closest friend. The Danes for a 2nd clip solicit the aid of Beowulf. He agrees to once more help them. Beowulf and his work forces trek to the lake where Grendel? s female parent lives.

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Beowulf appoints Hrothgar as the leader of his work forces after they arrive at their finish. The Danes thought that they had eventually rid themsel

degree Fahrenheits of the immorality, but they were mistaken.

Beowulf now clashed with Grendel? s female parent while in the lake. Beowulf swung his blade, but did non harm her. He was unable to bring down harm upon her with it. Then, Beowulf discovered a charming blade, which no ordinary adult male could raise. Beowulf struck her in the cervix and destroyed her. Beowulf took Grendel? s caput as a signifier of concluding retaliation. He proudly displayed the trophy to both the Geats and the Danes. Again the good had been winning over the evil, Beowulf had won.

The popular hero, Beowulf, became male monarch of Geatland after returning place. A firedrake now begins to endanger the land of the Geats. Beowulf once more commits to a conflict, this clip being much older. Beowulf is unable to suppress the monster, neglecting his ain people, Beowulf died. At that point, destiny was against Beowulf, being older and weaker than the before. Before deceasing, Beowulf made Wiglaf the leader of the Geats. As the male monarch, Wiglaf erected a memorial in Beowulf? s name. This clip, both good and evil won, in different ways ; although Beowulf died, the people were given another strong swayer.

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