Bernard Malamud: The Man and The Writer

4 April 2015
A paper on the life and times of Bernard Malamud.

A paper on the life and times of Bernard Malamud. The author discusses literary works such as “The Natural,” and themes contained therein. Also touched upon is Malamud’s Judaism and its influence on his writing.
Regarded as one of the prominent contemporary writers in recent American literature, Bernard Malamud influenced countless people as a chronicler of ‘simple people struggling to make their lives better in a world of bad luck’, as the author once described himself (Rothstein 1). Though viewed by many critics to be a focused Jewish writer, Malamud’s influence extends far beyond the realm of Judaism, as he can truly be considered one of the great American writers of the twentieth century. Writing for and to all people, Bernard Malamud concentrated on the theme of moral wisdom resulting from endured suffering, while illustrating the suffering and harsh realities of life, to inspire and touch millions of readers throughout America and the world.
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