Best college

After graduating high school there are a couple of ideas on what college I should attend for my career choice. It’s hard on choosing a college that could help me get where I need to go, and the limited transportation that there is to get where I need to go. Going to a community college would be so helpful to me for the extra credits that could help me get into Dudley Beauty College. green river or an even better community college would be helpful to me especially there courses for the credits that I would need to help me out on getting into Dudley. Dudley Beauty College of Washington, is a college for people who live, eat, and sleep about cosmetology. This school helps people to learn the basics on cutting, coloring, re-shaping, and styling hair. I have been cutting hair and dying hair for about 3 years. I started practicing on my hair then went to family and friends. Its also helpful that to watch this TV show called Sheer Genius. They showed you how to use your sheers correctly and explained how to re-shape. While watching this I would pick up some of the materials that I know that would help me in the long run. Then I would practice on me to see how it would turn out and if good enough use on other people. It’s so hard on picking up on how to re-shape or modeling the hair to see if it looks right or if the shape is at its fine point. There are only a few months before graduation to figure out on want community college to start out with and to get a part time job to help with me with my expenses. I need to look up my budget, and with the lack of transportation there is as well. I would need to look at what classes I would need to take in order to get the kind of credits I would need for My BIG Time College. This whole process for me is going to take so much of my time, effort, and money. I don’t care if it takes years on schooling for me to become this hair stylist; it’s my passion and something that I have always wanted to do and I would take this with me for a life experience. Cosmetology is my passion. Dudley Beauty College is one of the best colleges that I know of that will suite me well. There are a lot of good quality’s about Dudley, there academics, there course and there courses to help out the students to achieve our goals. Dudley is the best college for me. This college can really help me out to become this hair stylist that I desperately want to become and to show me the material that there is to be known about to help. Even if it takes years I think that it will be worth it to me. I want to show my family that you can make a living doing this and to also prove that I get to do something that I really enjoy instead doing something that I don’t enjoy. I don’t care what I need to do in order to get into this college just as long as I get in.

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