Descriptive Essay Topics List for College Students

3 March 2018
Descriptive Essay Topics List for College Students

Here you can find the best topics for a descriptive essay. We have collected themes from different aspects of the human life. Be sure to pick one that is interesting for you. Undoubtedly, this list will meet all your wishes and expectations.

What Is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is a type of essay that states an aim to describe something.     If you had a task to write this kind of essay, you are supposed to give the information of how you see, taste, smell, and hear the things and give your attitude and emotion on the describing thing. The main goal is to create a living picture for your readers and make them imagine they are in your place. Descriptive essays are the easiest for students to write. They don’t require any information for the additional sources, and you do not need to do any research. You only picture what you see and express your personal attitude towards.

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Descriptive Essay Topics List for College Students
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This job expects all your imagination and creativity and provides an opportunity to turn the essay into the masterpiece. Writing a descriptive essay expects that you are presenting details. You couldn’t complete a perfect paper if you described something in general words and phrases. Use a specific and capturing language. Include all kind of senses to create a real picture for your audience. Focus on the things that are being described and continue visualizing the things again and again while writing. Try not to go away from the point. To sound more attractive, replace the common word with different synonyms. Explain the simple, well-known things in a new interesting way, using similar and metaphors. Emphasize on the details that nobody mentions in the ordinary life. Try to find out something delightful in every simple thing. Make the reader open his eyes and have a contrasting view of usual things.

How to Choose a Descriptive Essay Topic?

The most complicated task is to choose what to describe in your composition. The main rule is to pick up a topic that would be interesting for your audience.  Your topic should make them want to read your paper. Distinguish what the people in your audience are and what they are interested in. Try to capture their attention at the first look at your essay. To make your composition more live and emotional, pick up something that appeals personally to you. Try to relive everything you are writing about and present to your readers fresh and true feelings. Help the reader to see the pictures you see, to hear the sounds you hear, smell what you smell, and touch what you are touching.     A List of Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students If you are a writer, who can’t decide what topic to choose for your descriptive essay, here we placed the list of the most interesting ones. Choose the one that is the most suitable and appealing to you. To make it more structured, we subdivided all the topics into narrower groups such as describing places, people, objects, and events.

Describing Places

When you choose one of these topics, it means you are going to describe the localities.

  1. The best café in the world
  2. The house of my dream
  3. The mountains in winter
  4. My hometown
  5. The park in spring
  6. The cottage in the seaside
  7. The countryside in summer
  8. My grandparent’s house
  9. The most beautiful museum I’ve ever seen
  10. In the middle of the forest
  11. The perfect working place
  12. Inside the church

Describing People

Describing people, you write about someone you know personally or someone you are watching for a period-celebrity or character from the book.

  1. My best friend
  2. The best actor in the world.
  3. Pollyanna as a living source of happiness
  4. The person who played the crucial role in the history
  5. A woman who rules the country
  6. My first teacher
  7. The best dad in the whole world
  8. The ideal spouse
  9. People walking down the street
  10. The stranger sitting in the park
  11. The person, who influenced my life
  12. Students in the class

Describing Objects

You can describe any things surrounding you.

  1. My favorite
  2. The perfect furniture
  3. The piano
  4. The best present I’ve ever got
  5. My favorites in clothes
  6. A photograph
  7. A bouquet of flowers
  8. A new car
  9. Modern building
  10. A monument to the famous person
  11. A party costume

Describing Events

You can also write about the events or situations that had happened with you or with somebody else.

  1. A childhood story.
  2. My visit to the art gallery.
  3. The best lesson in my life
  4. The moment I’d never want to live again
  5. The memorable vacation
  6. A day in the country with family
  7. My first trip abroad
  8. My first date
  9. My first interview at the office
  10. The lucky day
  11. Climbing the mountain


  1. My cherished dream.
  2. My future profession

Descriptive Essay Examples

Surfing the Internet, you can come across various examples of the descriptive essay. Nevertheless, we are not intended to give you some illustration. We aim to set a correct destination for your writing. While writing such type of essay do not forget to follow the rules of structure and content. The main reason for it is that you have to attract the target audience and prove the committee that your paper deserves the highest rate.   The Basel Accord A research paper Descriptive writing about plane flight Descriptive writing of a beach Descriptive writing samples Advertising services and how descriptive essays

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