Best Friend

5 May 2019

Everyone has a best friend in which they tell anything and everything to. No one’s best friend is quite like mine her name is April. We practically do everything together from playing tennis to talking on the phone or computer until at least three in the morning. She’s the icing to on cake!

We never really talked to each other, it was like we had a huge amount of hate for one another since we really never talked. She moved to Dallas our seventh grade year. That kind of made it even worse, but she did come back to Amarillo our eighth grade year. To tell you the truth I thought she was kind of annoying. After a while, we began to talk a little bit more than we did the year before. The more we talked and got to know each other the faster the end of the year was approaching. The days of being a “big dog” on campus were almost over, then off to high school we would go.

Best Friend Essay Example

Our last day of walking the halls of the orange and gray Texans was finally here. April and I really didn’t see each other, but about twice. Over the summer we began to talk practically everyday. We began telling eachother anything and everything. She was the shy type of girl when I first met her and I wasn’t all that loud either. It was like we were meant to call eachother our “best friend.”

We have changed each other for the best. We are so much alike, except for the fact that she hates pink and I love it but, something that little can’t tear us apart are you crazy. April and I are like the mixed peanut butter and jelly it will be impossible to separate us because, there will always be jelly on the peanut butter and peanut butter on the jelly.

To me if I wouldn’t have been friends with April then I don’t think I would be the crazy chick I am today. Seriously though we can do nothing but laugh and joke around when we are around each other. When we are together we laugh at nothing, sometimes we could just look at each other and bust out laughing. Best friends make it through anything and everything and that’s what April and I are all about.

We help each other through our hard times, we are there for each other through thick and thin. My best friend April, is a bit on the blonde and slow side but it’s okay because well, so am I. She makes the impossible seem possible for me and I love her with all my heart! Like the quote says “Best Friends, a promise not a label.”

Before I knew or even met her I would have never known what that quote had really meant. I thought a best friend was just a friend who has known you the longest and has been there every day of your life but, no April proved to me that I was wrong. I’ve only known her for about two or three years and I’ve known my other friends since the first day of pre-k but they haven’t shown me what April has or taught me a few things on the way.

I would of never guessed me and April would be this close. She’s practically my other half. “God made us best friends because our mom’s couldn’t handle us as sisters” My best friend, my partner in crime, I love you April, forever and always.

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