Many people experience events in their life that they remember because they are life molding, fun, or something educational. These events help people become the person they are meant to be. I have a time in my life that helped me to become a better person and also learn about many different people. One of the most memorable times in my life was when I was a high school stepper. I attended school at Broad Street High School in Shelby Mississippi. I was a junior in high school at the time me and a few of my friends decided to start a step team.

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The name of the group we started was called the Suave Young Gentlemen or S. Y. G. I had the opportunity to compete along with my friends against many other organizations. We won a lot of competitions along the way but that wasn’t the most important thing I hold on to from those years. Even though it wasn’t a college fraternity we still learned the values of building trust and strong friendships. I am still friends with many of the gentleman I had the pleasure of performing with. The biggest part of our group was community service.

We did everything from cooking for our towns homeless to performing at local nursery homes for our elders. During those times I learned to love my fellow man. After performing I would sit and talk for hours with the homeless and my elders. The information that I learned from them all was so insightful. One of the homeless I was talking to surprised me when they told me just a few years before they held a manager title at a local restaurant. Everyone I talked to preached the same message to me about staying in school and pursuing a higher education.

Those singular moments are still fresh in my mind as of today. I will truly never forget being a member of the organization I was apart of. My group also use to get up early every Saturday morning and cook breakfast for our family

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and friends with allowed us to bond even more with our families. Just picture every Saturday you would wake up wondering what great breakfast will be prepared for you. It was truly an amazing experience. We also never skipped out on fun either. We always set aside days for our group where we would go bowling play flag football against other organizations, and many more activities.

Even when we were cooking or steeping for our elders we always enjoyed ourselves. I also got a chance to tral to many places inside and outside of Mississippi. Many people have experiences they will never forget from traumatic experiences to fun ones. A time in my life I will never forget was when I was apart of the Suave Young Gentlemen. I had the chance to travel, have fun, perform in events, step for elders and the homeless, and learn many life lessons along the way. It was truly an experience I will never forget.

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