Best Practices and Strategies

1 January 2017

Ex: functional, conglomerate, and divisional. For this list of practices we will use the divisional design. a. Divisional Design aka M form (the M stands for multidivisional): Is made up of separate, semi autonomous units or divisions and each division has its own goals to accomplish. 6) Culture: Refers to the set of values that helps its members understand what the organization stands for how it wants to accomplish what it wants to accomplish, and what it considers important. 7) Human Resource Strategy Implementation: Requires an understanding of undamental individual and interpersonal behavioral process. b. Individual Process: Psychological Contracts; Personality; Motivation; and Stress. c. Organizational system and Process: Understanding of the causes of stress, the process by which stress affects individuals can cope better with stress in organizational settings. d. Interpersonal Group Process: Group Behavior; Leadership; and Communication. Select one (1) the corporate strategies discussed in Chapter 4 and formulate a human resource strategy that will support the corporate strategy.

Cost leadership strategy is one that focuses on minimizing the cost as much as possible. This strategy allows the firm to charge the lowest possible prices for its products, thereby presumably generating an overall level of revenue. A human resource strategy that will support this corporate strategy would be: a. Efficiency Ratio: keeping expenses low with earnings being high. b. Learning Curve: maintaining training and continues training of employee’s. c. Good Purchasing approach: acquiring goods or services to accomplish the goals of the firm. . Maintaining latest technology: helps maintain inventory control, which in return helps ensure products to customers. e. Strategic marketing mix to help ensure market leadership f. Superior customer service: series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. Competitive or above average pay, employee advancement, and employee incentivizes. g. Product leadership: concept which describes delivering state of the art products in the market. Discuss the Fruit Guys business strategy.

Best Practices and Strategies Essay Example

Identify three (3) other businesses that could use the five (5) questions the Fruit Guys used to determine effectiveness and identify three (3) businesses in which the business strategy would not work well. Provide a rationale for your answer. The business strategy that the Fruit Guys uses is the defender strategy. Defender strategy: works best when a business operates in an environment with relatively little uncertainty and risk and high degree of stability. The goal of the defender is to identify for itself a relatively narrow niche in the market and then to direct a limited set of products or services at he niche. After reviewing the website of the Fruit Guys, their niche is to provide fresh “healthy brain food” as the fruit guys refer to it as such to the premises of the workplace. As healthy foods to the office “can boost productivity, improve wellness and help companies improve their bottom line”. The Fruit Guys fills thousands of business of businesses in America with seasonal fresh fruit varying from small family businesses, to major Fortune 500 companies.

With their customers sharing their idea on health, and the environment, this helps bring stability to the company, while their employees bring in pride, giving high productivity levels. The five questions that the Fruit Guys have based their strategy on is: I. Have we been respectful to the people we work with employees, coworkers, and customers? II. Have we been responsible to their needs? III. Have we been realistic with them about what we can or cannot do? IV. Can we take personal responsibility for the situation? V.

Are we going to be remembered positively? Three companies that could use the five questions to work for their businesses are: a) Car Dealerships (especially Used Car dealerships) b) Construction Companies c) Cleaning Company Three Companies that would not benefit from the use of the five questions are: a) Jc Penny’s b) Walmart c) BJ’S Wholesale Club (ex: Costco) My reasoning behind my choices for the use of the five questions are these companies are more hand’s on with their companies, and actually rely on word of mouth business and repeat business.

Without these referrals and repeat business these companies would have to rely a lot on marketing and advertising strategies. My reasoning behind my choices for these businesses that would not benefit from the five questions is because these companies are very well expanded. With many stores in many different locations of one state and through-out many states these companies do not rely on word of mouth or repeat business. As their marketing strategies, advertising strategies, and sales are what continuously brings in repeat customer, and new customers.

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