Best presentation topics

8 August 2016

About Gay Marriage Nuclear Power: Merits and demerits Airport Security: Technology v/s terrorism Smoking in Public Should Marijuana be legalized? Legalizing Prostitution: Right or Wrong? Cosmetic Surgery Risks Cross Culture Adoption Case study on Homelessness in America Drinking Age: How to lower it Online Dating is Safe or Risky Learning English as a Second Language in the US Video Games: Suitable for Kids Age Discrimination in the Workplace Are Movie/Video Ratings Accurate?

How to Handle Difficult People Why you should Donate Blood College Class Attendance Trends Television Violence: How it Affects Children The Yoga Way: Take Control of your Life Stopping Smoking in Public Points Recycling: Conserve your Environment Set Goals and Achieving Them Adolescent Depression: A rampant Problem Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults Adolescent Behavior Problems Technological shift in phone design Environment vs. technology Impact of technology on learning.

Best presentation topics Essay Example

Learning does not eradicate ignorance Obama care is not the ultimate solution How technology has led to moral decay in societies How technology has created numerous jobs to college dropouts How e-waste is harmful to your health How you can dispose your outdated electronics How you can conserve energy and still keep your electronic devices Why children should be allowed to interact with mobile devices Popular games that are safe for small school going children.

Why small scale farmers with a smart phone does not need a website How India has dominated software development Technology implementation vs growing unemployment rate How the US is still dominating technological innovation Why satellites are extremely important How Aviation safety was affected by the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing 777 Why Russia invasion of Ukraine was wrong Uganda right to ban gay practices How Mandela was important in the fight against racism How ICC court has failed in its mandate

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