Best Teacher

2 February 2017

Matthews to be the best teacher I ever had because she despise my weaknesses. I know I’m not the brightest student a teacher can have, but I try to strive for my best ability. Every day in class seemed like a new lesson was being teach. At the beginning of class she always had a stuck up attitude that made you believe she could care less if you catch on to the work or not. But as time passes, I had the wrong perspective about her. She was caring, kind, and a well educated person.

I always acted shy in front my classmates because I didn’t want to be the only person who didn’t catch on. So as the class ended I asked for one on one help so I can get a better understanding. One day when I failed a test but knew the work she asked me, “how do you remember things”, and I replied “songs”. So Mrs. Matthews and I sung short songs to help me remember the problems. It was a great idea because I aced my test. She faced me with challenges and motivated me to overcome the obstacle that was in my way of passing math.

Best Teacher Essay Example

Mrs. Matthews treated everyone like adults. It was no right or wrong answer because we had to respect one another answers even if it was extremely wrong. Mrs. Gloria Matthews turned out to be the wonderful teacher I could count on to lend a hand. I was so grateful to have her that year as my math teacher because she helped me gain a better perspective on math. She is extremely a role model who inspired me to do my greatest and fulfill my potential.

I admire Mrs. Gloria Matthews for what she has done, and I would never forget her!

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