Betray in Oryx and Crake

9 September 2016

Betrayal “Oryx and Crake” by Margret Atwood and “The Quiet American” by Phillip Noyce are both created at different eras but both demonstrate a very similar thematic connection. Betrayal is show through out the Novel “Oryx and Crake” and the film “The Quiet American”. In the film diolacton is used for illegal making and in the text the blysspluss pill is sold. In the film people believe that the diolacton is used to help people by making the frames of glasses but really it is used for the illegal making of bomb that killed many people.

In the text people believe that the blysspluss pill was used to help people but that was used to wipe out humanity. The significance of this is because in the film Pyle makes it look like he is using the diolacton for the frames of glasses but he betrays his own and kills them. In the text Crake betrayed humanity by making the pill to wipe out humanity. The betrayal to humanity quickly escalated to Jimmy betraying his own friend Crake and Fowler betraying Pyle. Fowler suspected that Pyle was using the diolacton for the bombs when Fowler watched the car bomb go off in downtown city while having lunch.

Betray in Oryx and Crake Essay Example

His suspicions were correct. Jimmy also suspected that Crake used the blysspluss pill to wipe out humanity. Jimmy too was correct. The significance of these parallels is that even though Crake and Pyle did two totally different illegal things. When their close Veleski 2 friends understood what was happening they betrayed them by taking their lives. Even though the text and film where written or filmed in two totally different time periods they had different characters but the same setting, plot, symbolism, and thematic connection through out.

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