Better Safe Than Sorry

11 November 2018

In her 2006 worldwide hit “Hung Up”, Madonna sings “time goes by so slowly”. Surely, the Queen of Pop was wrong as everybody lives in a rush nowadays. It is often said that it is better to be safe than sorry but how true is that?

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Better Safe Than Sorry
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Things should be done right or else they’re going to be regretted. It is better to do things calmly, easily than do them wrong and regret it later on.
Most people are sorry for mistakes they committed during their youth because at that time they weren’t completely aware of their responsibilities; they used to believe that life was full of risks so “why not take them anyway?”. For instance, two young people who are crazily in love shouldn’t immediately get married even if they’re convinced they’re soul mates; they should wonder if they’re ready to sacrifice to their new family, if they’re ready to have children and raise them… Other examples include car crashes because one was driving under influence, sex during teen hood, etc.

However, doing things slowly is not necessarily right. Taking matters to the extreme can be very hurtful as people whoare considered “too slow” are often “left out”, sometimes because they ignore the changes going on around them. Also, becoming obsessed with doing things right can lead people to do things completely wrong.

It is true that it is better to be safe than sorry but doing things right is what matters the most, whatever the circumstances are.

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