Better Than Ezra

10 October 2019

Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel is one of those trendy clubs in downtown Providence, Rhode Island, that lend an “artsy” atmosphere to the city. It is also one of the best places to see a band, especially unusual groups that are not so well-known. That’s is why I journeyed there this fall to see Better Than Ezra. Many others evidently had the same idea, because the place was packed with a record crowd. Before Better Than Ezra began, two other bands performed for the eager crowd. The Poster Children were great in spewing forth their angst, especially in their heartfelt song, “Lazy Eye.” In my eyes, the Dambuilders were equally good, although few others thought so. Some didn’t like the sound of the screeching electric violin, or the screaming voice of the girl playing it. Others disliked them because the set seemed to last forever, and they were eager to see Better Than Ezra. Finally though, after about four hours of standing in the packed building, Better Than Ezra began. Unlike many aspiring alternative artists, Better Than Ezra has better than average voices and a great stage presence. Some people think that Better Than Ezra is limited to their most popular song, “Good,” but I beg to differ. They have a variety of songs ranging from their fake ID-inspired song, ATeenager” to “Coyote,” which has more of a country tune to it. Then there’s the sad, but sweet, “The Killer Inside” and their fun song, “Rosalia.” They opened their show with one of their more popular tunes, “In the Blood,” which they played with a lot of energy and excitement. This atmosphere prevailed for the entire concert, even through songs like “Cry in the Sun” and “Southern Girl,” which have a more relaxed tune. In the middle of the set, the song that everyone had been waiting for began. The crowd went crazy when the lead singer belted out “It was good living with you … Wah uh … It was good.” The frenzy reached its height when people started realizing that Better Then Ezra was incorporating other songs into “Good,” including lyrics from Alanis Morissette’s popular song “You Oughta’ Know.” The entire concert experience can be summed up in three words: “It was good.” .

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