Leadership involves establishing a clear vision, sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly, providing the information, knowledge and methods to all members and stakeholders. A leader steps up in times of crisis, and is able to think and act creatively in difficult situations. Unlike management, leadership cannot be taught, although it may be learned and enhanced through coaching or mentoring. A good leader must be dynamic, creative, energetic and willing to take risk. . 0 Back Ground Information on Sarah Plain Sarah Plain is an American politician who was Governor of the state of Alaska from 006 to July 2009 and the Republican vice presidential nominee in the 2008 United States presidential election race running alongside John Mac Cain as the Presidential Candidate of the Republic Party. Plain has established her role as a woman of influence in American political history. Plain was the second female vice presidential candidate representing a major political party and the first woman elected Governor of Alaska.

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Sarah Plain belief in a traditional value system for the United States of America specifically transparency and accountability in government. Paling’s support in the 008 US Presidential campaign was greatly due to her appeal as a working mom, wife of a blue collar union man, and mother of five children, the eldest of whom was serving his country in Iraq and the youngest, an infant. Reviewing her biography, Going Rogue: An American Life, one learns that she has had “a drive to help, an interest in government and current events since I was a little kid” and that in grade school she was fond of the Pledge of Allegiance.

During her high schools she participated in Sports and Pageantry and was successful. Sarah Plain has presented strong leadership characteristics and excellent immunization skills; integrity and taking ownership and responsibility. In evaluating her as an effective leader, one notes that she possesses and seems to perpetuate an agreeableness of character that allows her to get along with others; demonstrating empathy; strong social skills and friendliness. Her characterization of the American Main Street woman helpedto adorn her influence and persuasion thereby resulting in ability to acquire followers.

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Sarah Joined politics in 1996 and has continuously make strides in the political arena. After her Republic Party lost the elections in 2008 Sarah Plain has provided political commentary for Fox News, and began hosting a televisionshow, Sarah Paling’s Alaska. She continued her political life campaigned for the Tea Party movement . From the time of her Vice Presidential nomination in 2008, Plain was considered a potential candidate for the 2012 presidential election until she announced in October 2011 that she would not run. 4. Back Ground Information on Winfred Opera Opera Winfred has proven to be one of the greatest female business leaders in 144 countries with 44 million US viewers each week the show ended after twenty-five ears in 2011. Opera then launched OWN: the Opera Winfred Network. Her company, HARP , builds brands like DRP. Phil Show, DRP. Oz, Neat Berks and Anderson Cooper. In 2003, Opera became the first African-American woman to reach billionaire status, according to Forbes Magazine and was being listed in 2010 as having a net worth of US$2. 4 billion dollars.

Not only is Opera an influential and dynamic person but she is also someone who strives to see change in the world and help other people realism their dreams and live those changes. The Opera Winfred Scholars Program and The Opera Winfred Foundation have helped tremendously to expand the Wineries Global humanitarian across the world. The “Opera Effect” has been written as a term to describe this businesswoman and philanthropist. Opera Winfred was not born into leadership but to the contrary, she brought herself to where she is today due to her determination, good will and her strength.

Having lived through a very hard childhood which pushed her to her limits, but that didn’t stop there, she used that as a reason to make success and break the McCollum. Leadership is a process as demonstrated by the accomplishments of Opera as she as used her television series; her network; her magazine and her brand to evaluate her life and experiences and deliver positive ideals to followers. As a leader, entrepreneur and manager Opera has demonstrated that leadership is not innate nor is it static but rather a dynamic process of evolution.

One cannot deny that in evaluating her leadership style and success one notes that she has inspired a wide cross section of persons and as such is able to action and manage much change for individuals, groups and her own company and brand. Opera has been able to effectively lead her company and groups of followers because of her adaptive leadership skills. Opera’s strength as a leader has resulted from her continuous intent to build networks around her and with her organizations for her own development but also for others.

One notes that Opera’s leadership style is based on her empathy, consistency, determination and integrity all as key facets of her vision as an effective leader. Opera has demonstrated an understanding of her followers’ reality and has shown a strong level of connectivity with her world audience through ere 25 years on television and subsequent philanthropic endeavourers. Opera’s leadership style demonstrates that leadership involves interaction between the leader, the followers, and the situation. 5. Compare and Contrast Sarah Plain is described as charismatic leader who uses her influence effectively to stimulate actions in her favor and has empowered her followers by helping them feel more powerful and capable. While Sarah Plain has received high ratings from her fellow Americans on being a charismatic leader many also feels she does not have the knowledge and capabilities to lead a country and while she is good Policy and there is limit to her in American Politics. Which is her core field. However one way to counteract the lack of expertise is to build strong interpersonal ties with subordinates” (Hughes, Gannett and Curry, 1993). Sarah Plain has demonstrated the use of legitimate and referent power which is “the potential influence one has due to the strength of the relationship between the leader and the followers” (Hughes, Gannett, & Church, 1993). Like Sarah Plain, Opera Winfred is also a charismatic leader and is also a powerful influence in America and the wider world.

Opera has maximized the use of referent rower and expert power in the field she operates and has been an icon to people across the world. Both leaders over their careers have demonstrated the effective usage of practical and creative intelligence which are key fundamental characterizes that should be seen in very leader. Opera Winfred was not born as a leader like Sarah Plain but she emerged as leader out of situation and circumstances by the mere fact that she believed in herself.

Opera Winfred upbringing was not affluent and she suffered at the hand of abuse at early ages which promoted her to be a change leader which she has successfully managed. Opera Winfred the “world must influential woman” has reached the pinnacle of her career in broadcasting industry where as Sarah Plain has struggled to influence the American mass to support her bid for US Elections. Sarah Plain has been criticized for her leadership approach as her skills do not always convince persons to neither support her nor feel that sense of belongingness to her as a leader.

In the American Society (multi racial one) one is especially expected to pay attention to the followers and their reactions to the leader and situations. Albeit Sarah Plain strong commitment of being a person of integrity and empathy her vision as a leader has not been able to inspire and emotionally connect to followers. Even though both leaders are charismatic and uses same sources of power and influence as referent Sarah Plain has been unable to empower as many people as Opera Winfred and as such her effectiveness as a leader is insignificant in comparison to Opera Winfred.

The talk show icon Opera Winfred will go down in history as the best ever and most successful black American host “All leaders have a brand. Whether that term is used or not, leaders have an identifiable persona that is a reflection of what they do and how others perceive them. I call this the leadership brand. When it comes to cultivating a leadership brand, look no further than Opera Winfred’ Cohn Balloon, Harvard Business Review 2009) whilst Sarah Plain will and is so far touted as Alaskan best female Governor.

Both leaders are female who comes from Christian back-ground, Sarah Plain is family oriented and believes in biblical principles whilst Winfred Opera does not support all biblical principles. Sarah Plain takes a more conservative look at society and keep the moral fabric of the humanity in mind at the forefront of what she does where as Opera Winfred is a more lewd beaker, she has voiced here support of gay marriage and surely promotes the acceptance of a diverse society, saying, “l was raised to believe that excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism.

And that’s how I operate my life. “(Winfred Opera believe in what she believes in and this has been the source of motivation to millions of people across the world. Could we say the same of Sarah Plain, much could be say too but her perspective will be more political with chances of harboring deception, where as Opera’s perspective will be more people centre dealing with social and very day issues.

Sarah Plain back in 2008 at a public forum faltered on her first two interviews as the Vice Presidential Candidate and she was heavily criticized for lack of knowledge when asked by the host “What is your views on the Bush Doctrine” Sarah Plain could not even attempted to answer the question and the host had to break it down so she could have comprehended. Most recent she made a lewd statement against the Obama Administration on the Syrian Controversy “Let Allah sort it out”. This has shown disrespect for the Muslim Society and it shows to say that a leader deeds to dynamic and have competent if they are to always “wow’ their supporters.

It was clearly related from these two incidents highlighted that Sarah Plain clearly does not practice the A-O-R model of leadership. “Leaders development is enhanced when the experience involves three different processes; action, observation and reflection. If a person acts but does not observe the consequences of their action or reflect on their significance and meaning then it makes little sense to say that he or she has learned from their experience” (Leadership Enhancing the Lesson of Experience, p. ). Opera Winfred has shown clearly the practices the A-O-R model and this is evident from her programs. In similarity both leaders chosen for this presentation demonstrated that they have broken the glass ceiling and that leadership is not about gender and that not only men are born to be leaders women have their equal places. Both Sarah Plain and Opera Winfred have managed to innovate, inspire, develop and challenge themselves to be role models and ambassadors.

They both demonstrated the long term vision to see, make and realism changes for the betterment of humanity and society. Sarah Plain success stories were spoken of in politics; a few memorable occurrences included the bringing Alaska people together and let them work to develop their state, raising taxes on wealthy oil companies and taking the proceeds to give families in Alaska a twelve hundred dollars (1 ,200) tax break per year, building a hockey stadium for fifteen million (15,000,000) for the comfort of their state citizens.

Opera Winfred touched and changed lives across the continents and has been a living inspiration to change and has reached to the stage where she was described as the tycoon of American television. She is an American icon and will live on in the hearts of millions she has touched and changed. 6. 0 Conclusion In conclusion Opera Winfred has demonstrated a stronger allegiance to developing her own competitive advantage and has utilized all of the Five Factor Model of personality to create a robust and reliable profile that has made her the more effective leader over Sarah Plain.

As a business icon and humanitarian, Opera has fully incorporated her personal goals of currency with her natural agreeableness and dependability in conjunction with her life’s experiences to adjust and learn as monstrance by her curiosity/ learning – openness to experience. Influential and could have connected with her audience effectively. Opera Winfred was a rationale and emotional leader and a good listener. She sold her ideology to her audience so effectively that the felt a sense of belong ship.

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