Between the Buried and Me – “Colors”

7 July 2019

Between the Buried and Me’s latest album, “Colors,” is attention-grabbing and brilliant. Throughout their first two albums, “The Silent Circus” and “Alaska,” the band’s talent has been on display, but “Colors” takes it a step further.

While the ­album’s eight tracks over 64 minutes may sound daunting, each song is truly extraordinary. Piano and vocals make up “Foam Born (A) The Backtrack.” Then the album builds momentum, rarely slowing down. The technically awe-­inspiring guitar riffs, jaw-dropping bass lines, and driving drums are magnificent. The band has progressed since “The Silent Circus,” and their ability to write masterpieces is astonishing.

Their first album had a knack for grabbing listeners and continuously blowing their minds. Not ones to disappoint, they are even better here. Singer Tommy Rogers takes the listener on a journey during “Sun of Nothing,” which explores the actions of a man who launches himself into space and confronts his loneliness. He times his delivery perfectly with the melodic combination of sweeps and speed picking by guitarists Paul Waggoner and Dustie Waring. “Viridian” proves that bassist Dan Briggs is in a class by himself.

Before this album, I thought it was impossible to sit through 10-minute songs, but I have been proven wrong three times by BTBAM. Each track leads into the next, making the album a big mixture of pure musical genius. Simply put, “Colors” is a classic album that begs to be heard and screams for this band to get more attention.

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