Beyonce- What Monster Created This?

8 August 2019

Beyonce- The name we all know and love. Well used to love anyway. Don’t get me wrong I still love her, but some of the songs on her new album need some serious work. For example: Her song Diva is ok song, but many women disappove. The thought that ” Divas” could be just like a “hustler ” make women cringe. I mean most women artist spend hard working time and money to record songs that say that we should stay away from men like that. Then in real life we cry over our man because he’s a hustla and he is cheating. She says we should be like them, but why spend all that time to get away from that then actually be one of them. It’s ridiculous. That would just be taking another step back.Another example:”Video Phone”. She talks about them recording her on their video phone just so they can lust over her like a piece if meat.

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I don’t know about you ladies, but I certainly don’t like to be looked at that way. I mean, the song is so degrading to women. I mean yes ladies, we know we are all that, and obviosly they do too, but why not come up to you and say hi rather than act like a jerk and call you lil mama, and all that stuff? I would definately take the other route fellas, it might get you somewhere.Another point I want to make is why is she telling girls to put there numbers in random guys phones. Thats a little permiscuious don’t you think? That is one reason my girls get gang raped is because they weren’t careful. Don’t you think she should be telling us to be careful and have some dignity and respect for ourselves by looking out for ourselves? I think she should, but thats just my opinion. And I think she could have done a better job with the diva video.So Ladies, tell me what you think. What Monster created this?

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