Beyonce's album 4 by Beyonce

9 September 2019

“Girls, we run this!” Beyonce’s lyrics are an anthem to young women filled with passion and creativity. Her album 4 sold millions and inspired people all around the world, raising her success to even higher stratospheres. The success of this album is driven by Beyonce’s musical talent, relatable lyrics, and large variety.

The songs on this album showcase her distinctive vocal talents. Beyonce’s wide range is noticeably heard through her song “I Care.” Beginning the piece she starts in a low, sultry tone and stretches to a loud belt. Beyonce’s voice quality is always on key with a heavy, remarkable tone. Her audience finds her lyrics relatable. In addition to “I Care,” the album created numerous hits with fun lyrics that the fans love. “Love on Top” and “Countdown” are among the albums’ hits which cover some of the albums best lyrics. Who could not relate to the lyrics “ What goes around comes back around,” or rock out to “I will love you till the end of time”?

One thing that fans find attractive about Beyonce’s album 4 is the different types of music styles. For example, “Party” is more of an 80’s themed song and “End of Time” sounds more Michael Jackson inspired. Her songs are timeless and pull from all different age groups. Beyonce will always be trending. She keeps up to date with the more recent styles of music, but still adds in her own flare that her fans love.

Beyonce has it all.

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