Beyond Beats and Rhymes

3 March 2018

Everything he sees at this event shows different types of conflict models.

It shoes white majority vs.. Ethnic minorities when rappers talk about living in ghettos and white people who live in the suburbs listen to rap as their only means of understanding what black people go through in their lives you could also include wealthy vs.. The working class in this argument. Patriarchy vs..

Beyond Beats and Rhymes Essay Example

Feminism is also great discussed in this film when he talks about women fromSpaceman College in Atlanta were angry at Newly for sliding a credit card through a woman’s butt crack in one of his music videos. Hip-hop could get step out of the box very easily all they have to do is start rapping about the good side of African American life and avoid the negative. Be the innovators of change for the African American society, by giving back to the communities. They should lead by example they have great power and a voice that people will listen too if they used it to speak about change and education people will listen.

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