Beyond perfection by The XX

9 September 2019

My iPod has been on repeat for the last month now. This album is just so good. So good, I listened to it in the car on my typical road trip with the family all the way from California to Minnesota. Such a long stretch that we would get to places where there would be no radio stations available for hours. But it wouldn’t matter because all I needed was their album on my iPod. The XX is all I needed.
Its like their songs were never meant to be heard. This indie pop band, if you haven’t heard, is for surely heading for big things. This, their dark and brooding debut album, refreshingly showcases a new young band which aren’t riding on any particular wave of media attention, and haven’t gained their hype via any kind of petulant rock star controversy. They broke into the indie music scene in 2009 with their mesmerizing, whispery self-titled album and hipster embraced their emotional lyrics and addictive sound.

Band mates Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim started making music together at age 15, but they’ve known each other since they were 3 years old. But they never really did it for others. Just in their own comfort. Hailing from south London, Romy and Oliver studied at the Elliott School, the same institution that claims Hot Chip, Burial and Four Tet among its alumni talent. So they were obviously destined to do this for a career.
But the xx’s path wasn’t easy fate. Romy admitted in an interview with β€œThe Huffington Post” that she never had the intention of becoming a musician. She took up the drums to get out of class, she picked up a guitar after not being too great at the drums, and she started singing just so she could learn the guitar a little better. Band mate Jamie Smith joined the group later, rounding out the trio. Now constantly surprised at their success. Since never really being noticed until all of sudden now.
So who ever knew a typical teenage girl that was just a modern hippie back in the day would become such an inspiration. The group made their success sound so easy and simple. Which was obviously not their intention. Besides the fact, their music is like heaven to the ears, soft sweet bird chirps as the melody flows. It just makes me feel like me. And that, i think was their intention. So back in the car i go, plug my headphones in, block the world out and listen to the most laid back-urban music ever. The XX.

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