Beyond the Cult of Fatherhood? , by David Osborne.

4 April 2015
A critical review of this essay on gender.

The paper reviews this essay, written by a professional writer, David Osbourne, who also defined himself as a “househusband”. The paper assesses the claim by Osbourne, that his staying at home upset conventional gender norms and changed the way childcare is valued in society.
“It is interesting that, even in defense of nontraditional gender roles, there is a certain level of defensiveness in Osborne’s own explanation of what he does all day. This has his roots in the societal attitudes Osborne is subjected to as someone whose child is not cared for in the standard way by parents in conventionally accepted gender roles. A father is supposed to be an economic provider rather than a nurturer. A father is supposed to be outside of the home and come home at night, rather than the child’s mother. Even though Osborne clearly works, because he is able to labor in the conventionally female realm of the home, his work is supposed to have less value in the eyes of society.

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