Bible as Literature Essay Sample

10 October 2017

The Four Source Theory or the JEPD theory was an effort of certain scriptural bookmans during the Enlightenment epoch of the 18Thursdaycentury to do sense of the “seeming” disagreements of the Torah’s histories in some of its narrations. It tries to screen through the sensed differences in manners and nomenclatures found in the first five books of the Judaic Scripture. The Four Source refers to the J. E. P. and the D as the four likely resources of the informations gathered and compiled into four volumes. i. e. . Genesis. Exodus. Leviticus. Numbers. and Deuteronomy. The J represents the alleged “Jehovist” beginning who wrote about 850 B. C. Passages like Genesis 1-2:3 and Genesis 7:2-3 are some illustrations of the informations supplied by J beginning. The E beginning is the “Elohist” who wrote and added his/their stuff sometime 750 B. C. Portions of Bible that contain. or instead. used the word “Elohim” for God are the subdivisions provided by the Elohist. Genesis 2:4-3:3 is believed to be portion of the E beginning. The missive P is the “Priestly” beginning.

Obviously. as the really name suggests. the information was supplied by the priests or a priest ( Hebraic Priestly community ) . The book of Leviticus which deals chiefly with temple. the priests. priestly responsibilities. etc. . must instantly come to mind when “priest” or “Priestly Source” is mentioned. Harmonizing to the advocates of Four Source Theory. Leviticus and poetries such that in Genesis 6:19-20 and others are parts supplied by the P beginning. The Priestly Source came approximately 450 B. C. The 4th beginning is the “Deuteronomist. ” which is represented by the word D. This beginning came manner back 622 B. C. . and its stuff is the book of Deuteronomy.

To hold come up with this theory. Julius Wellhousen ( who developed this theory ) and other advocators. believed to hold alleviated or minimized the otherwise contradictory parts of the Pentateuch. For illustration. harmonizing to these theoreticians. Genesis 1 is a different history of creative activity that which is described in chapter 2 of the same book. The two histories. nevertheless. are non two different stuffs supplied by two different writers. Genesis 1 merely narrated the creative activity of the existence and the Earth. while Genesis 2 focal points on the creative activity of adult male and the inside informations of what had happened inside the Garden of Eden. It’s merely a affair do usage of contemporary journalists’ nomenclature. Other “seeming” disagreements inside the Torah and the remainder of the Holy Scripture can be explained therefore and in many other ways. which. if non wholly snuff out the visual aspects of contradictions. would however render coherency to scriptural literature.

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