Bible How To Be A Father Essay

7 July 2017

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Bible: How To Be A Father Essay, Research Paper

How to Be a Father

Timothy Parker

Gary Turner, Bible 12


How to be a Father

I. Introduction

II. God & # 8217 ; s Example in the Bible

A. Adam

B. Noah

C. Abraham

D. Jesus

III. Fathers in the Bible

A. Adam

B. Abraham

C. Isaac

D. Jacob

IV. God & # 8217 ; s instructions on how to be a male parent

A. Ephesians 6:4

B. Deuteronomy 21:18-21

C. Deuteronomy 22:13-18

D. Thessalonians 2:11

V. Children are gifts

A.. Point Man 190, 3-1

B. Point Man 195, 3-2

C. Point Man 196, 3-3

D. Point Man 197, 3-4

VI. Fathers with married womans

A. Point Man 215, 4-1

B. Point Man 310, 4-3

VII. Fathers and their girls

A. Point Man 212

B. Point Man 212 ( B )

C. Point Man 213

D. Father 75

VIII. Fathers and their boies

A.. Anderson 3

B. Anderson 2

C. Anderson 137

IX. Fathers in the place

A. Puting household before work

B. Believing that household public assistance is more of import than earthly ownerships

C. Stepfathers & # 8217 ; function in the household

X. Fathers as religious leaders

A. Dobson 37, 8-1

B. Tender Warrior 26, 8-2

C. Spending clip with God

1. Set isolated clip

D. Five Goals of a male parent

1. Knowing and obeying Jesus Christ

2. Knowing and exposing Godly character

3. Knowing and loving my married woman

4. Knowing and loving my kids

5. Knowing my gifts and abilities.

Eleven. Decision


Bing a male parent is one of the greatest things a adult male can make. Not every adult male has what it takes to be a male parent. God has merely granted certain work forces with this really of import occupation. In a perfect universe a adult male becomes a male parent when his married woman gives birth to a kid, but in today & # 8217 ; s society it is non needfully a MAN & # 8217 ; s married woman that may give birth to his kid but a girlfriend. No affair how it happens it all starts out the same manner. A adult male and a adult female have sex and so if her egg is fertilized by the adult male & # 8217 ; s sperm she becomes impregnated. Taking into history that there are no jobs with her gestation a adult female will hold a babe in approximately nine months. The adult female becomes a female parent and the adult male becomes a male parent, this does non intend that he needfully knows what to make but over clip he will get the cognition it takes to be a male parent. God designed for work forces to go male parents non at an early age but at a ulterior age so they would be knowing and mature plenty to be a male parent.

God & # 8217 ; s Example in the Bible

Throughout the Bible there is a form of work forces being the caput of the household. This was God & # 8217 ; s design and he wanted to do certain it was followed. It all started with Adam. God foremost made a adult male non a adult female. This is because it was his program to do adult male the caput. This form continued throughout the whole Bible when God wanted something done he went to work forces. Such as when he wanted to destruct the Earth by H2O he chose Noah as his adult male.

& # 8220 ; 13And God said unto Noah, The terminal of all flesh is come before me ; for the Earth is filled with force through them ; and, behold, I will destruct them with the Earth. 14Make thee an Ark of goffer wood ; suites shalt 1000s make in the Ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch. 15And this is the manner which thou shalt make it of: The length of the Ark shall be three 100 cubits, the comprehensiveness of it 50 cubits, and the tallness of it thirty cubits. 16A window shalt 1000s make to the Ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above ; and the door of the Ark shalt 1000 set in the side thereof ; with lower, 2nd, and 3rd narratives shalt thou do it. 17And, behold, I, even I, do conveying a inundation of Waterss upon the Earth, to

destruct all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under Eden ; and every thing that is in the Earth shall decease. 18But with thee will I set up my compact ; and thou shalt come into the Ark, 1000, and thy boies, and thy married woman, and thy boies & # 8217 ; married womans with thee. Genesis 6:13-18 & # 8243 ;

Noah was the lone individual whom God gave the instructions to on how to construct the Ark. God chose to give them to a adult male. Another illustration of God taking a adult male is Abraham. God needed person to be the male parent of his state and he chose Abraham.

& # 8220 ; 4As for me, behold, my compact is with thee, and thou shalt be a male parent of many states. 5Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham ; for a male parent of many states have I made thee. 6And I will

do thee transcending fruitful, and I will do states of thee, and male monarchs shall come out of thee. Genesis 17:4-6 & # 8243 ;

Abraham was chosen to be God & # 8217 ; s adult male in doing certain there was a state of God & # 8217 ; s people. The best illustration of God taking work forces to be the leaders is Jesus. God sent his lone boy to come to this Earth and decease a humble decease. God did non hold a girl but if he did he would hold still sent his boy because God has called work forces to be leaders non adult females. Jesus was God & # 8217 ; s boy.

& # 8220 ; And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall dominate thee: therefore besides that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God. & # 8221 ;

Luke 1:35 & # 8243 ;

Fathers in the Bible

The first male parent was Adam. Adam and Eve were blessed with many kids and Adam became known as the male parent of all. Adam was non the lone male parent in the Bible. There were many others, most of them being a better illustration than Adam on how to be a male parent. Adam was a bad illustration in that he gave in to enticement by eating of the out fruit. & # 8220 ; & # 8230 ; and gave besides unto her hubby with her: and he did eat. Genesis 3:6 & # 8220 ; There were besides many male parents in the Bible that did follow God. One such male parent was Abraham.

& # 8220 ; 6And Abraham took the wood of the burned offering, and laid it upon Isaac his boy ; and he took the fire in his manus, and a knife ; and they went both of them together. 7And Isaac spake unto Abraham his male parent, and said, My male parent: and he said, Here am I, my boy. And he said, Behold the fire and the wood: but where is the lamb for a burned offering? 8And Abraham said, My boy, God will supply himself a lamb for a burned offering: so they went both of them together. 9And they came to the topographic point which God had told him of ; and Abraham built an communion table at that place, and laid the wood in order, and edge Isaac his boy, and laid him on the communion table upon the wood. 10And Abraham stretched forth his manus, and took the knife to murder his boy.

Genesis 22:6-10 & # 8243 ;

As seen in the old transition God tested Abrahams religion by stating Abraham to give his lone boy Isaac. Abraham proceeded to make merely as God told him which showed great religion and obeisance on Abrahams behalf both as a kid of God and as male parent. Although God asked him to make something that would non be in Abraham & # 8217 ; s best involvement Ibrahim did it anyhow. That is what all male parents should make but non all of them do it. Such as antecedently mentioned with Adam, he did non follow God & # 8217 ; s bid, and as the male parent of all, all now suffer because of his noncompliance. God new Abraham was a good male parent that is why he made him the male parent of many states. & # 8220 ; As for me, behold, thy compact is with thee, and thou shalt be a male parent of many states. Genesis 17:4 & # 8243 ; God would non hold made this compact with him if he was non a good male parent. Isaac himself was a good male parent every bit good. When he was on his decease bed he blessed his boy Jacob.

& # 8220 ; 26And his male parent Isaac said unto him, Come nigh now, and snog me, my boy. 27And he came nigh, and kissed him: and he smelled the odor of his array, and blessed him, and said, See, the odor of my boy is as the odor of a field which the LORD hath blessed: 28Therefore God give thee of the dew of Eden, and the blubber of the Earth, and plentifulness of maize and vino: 29Let people serve thee, and states bow down to thee: be lord over thy brethren, and allow thy mother & # 8217 ; s boies

bow down to thee: cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee. Genesis 27:26-29 & # 8220 ;

In Bible times it was customary for a male parent to bless his boy before he died. Isaac was a great male parent in that he continued this tradition although he gave the approval to the incorrect boy. It was non his mistake that he gave the approval to the incorrect boy, he was tricked into giving it to Jacob. Another illustration of a great male parent in the Bible is Laban. Laban met Jacob and decided that his girl was suited for Jacob and he arranged that Jacob get married his girl. & # 8220 ; and Laban said, It is better that I give her to thee, than that I should give her to another adult male: abide with me. & # 8221 ; Genesis 29:19 & # 8243 ; Laban did what every male parent should make he looked out for his girls best involvement and so made her abide by what he wanted. Many male parents in the Bible showed how to be a male parent through illustration one such male parent is Jerub-Baal. & # 8220 ; ( For my male parent fought for you, and adventured his life far, and delivered you out of the manus of Midian: Judges 9:17 & # 8243 ; Jerub-Baal led through illustration, in that he delivered his people out of the had of Midian and fought for the people. He was a male parent that put others before himself. This showed his boies that they need to set others earlier themselves every bit good. There are many other great male parents in the Bible, but these are the 1s that stick out.

God & # 8217 ; s instructions on how to be a male parent

God throughout his Bibles gave male parents instructions on how to raise their kids in God and how to be good male parents. God tells male parents non to annoy their kids, but teach them the instructions of God. & # 8220 ; And, ye male parents, provoke non your kids to wrath: but convey them up in the raising and warning of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4 & # 8243 ; In Deuteronomy God besides told male parents what to make if they had a rebellious boy.

& # 8220 ; If a adult male have a obstinate and rebellious boy, which will non obey the voice of his male parent, or the voice of his female parent, and that, when they have chastened him, will non hark unto them: 19Then shall his male parent and his female parent lay hold on him, and convey him out unto the seniors of his metropolis, and unto the gate of his topographic point ; 20And they shall state unto the seniors of his metropolis, This our boy is obstinate and rebellious, he will non obey our voice ; he is a gourmand, and a rummy. 21And all

the work forces of his metropolis shall lapidate him with rocks, that he die: so shalt 1000 put evil off from among you ; and all Israel shall hear, and fright. Deuteronomy 21:18-21 & # 8243 ;

These instructions were given so that male parents would cognize what to make if there boy was non obeying them. God besides gave male parents instructions on what to make when his virgin girl gets married and her hubby claims she is non a virgin.

& # 8220 ; 13If any adult male take a married woman, and travel in unto her, and detest her, 14And give occasions of address against her, and convey up an evil name upon her, and say, I took this adult female, and when I came to her, I found her non a amah: 15Then shall the male parent of the demoiselle, and her female parent, take and bring forth the items of the demoiselle & # 8217 ; s virginity unto the seniors of the metropolis in the gate: 16And the demoiselle & # 8217 ; s father shall state unto the seniors, I gave my girl unto this adult male to married woman, and he hateth her ; 17And, lo, he hath given occasions of address against her, stating, I found non thy girl a amah ; and yet these are the items of my girl & # 8217 ; s virginity. And they shall distribute the fabric before the seniors of the metropolis. 18And the seniors of that metropolis shall take that adult male and castigate him ; 19And they shall amerce him in an 100 boodles of Ag, and give them unto the male parent of the demoiselle, because he hath brought up an evil name upon a virgin of Israel: and she shall be his married woman ; he may non set her off all his yearss. 20But if this thing be true, and the items of virginity be non found for the demoiselle: 21Then they shall convey out the demoiselle to the door of her male parent & # 8217 ; s house, and the work forces of her metropolis shall lapidate her with rocks that she die: because she hath shaped folly in Israel, to play the prostitute in her male parent & # 8217 ; s house: so shalt 1000 put evil off from among you.

Deuteronomy 22:13-18 & # 8243 ;

Fathers were besides expected, in the Bible, to soothe and bear down their kids. & # 8220 ; As ye know how exhorted and comforted and charged every one of you, as a male parent doth his kids, & # 8230 ; 1 Thessalonians 2:11 & # 8243 ; In this transition Paul was speaking to the church in Thessalonica and he was doing mention as to how male parents were to cover with their ain kids. Paul was utilizing this as an illustration to demo how he was covering with the new church in Thessalonica.

Childs are gifts

Childs are gifts from God and should be treated as such. Not everyone can hold kids, so when person has kids they should be enraptured and recognize that it genuinely is a miracle. There is a ground for everyone being born into this universe. & # 8220 ; Every kid brought into this universe can do a important part. Farrar, 190 & # 8220 ; In his book Point Man Steve Farrar makes a several remarks about kids being gifts. This first remark reflects on the fact that there is a ground for everyone being born. He besides talks about what joy a kid can convey to one & # 8217 ; s life, particularly that of a male parent. & # 8220 ; If God blesses you with kids, you & # 8217 ; ll be taking portion in one of the most important achievements a adult male can bask. Farrar 196 & # 8243 ; He says it is one of the greatest achievements a adult male can bask. He is intending this in that a male parent that has a boy can look and see himself in that boy and recognize that it is a spitting image of himself and he can be proud of that. What male parent would non be proud of his boy? A male parent can besides take pride in his girl because she may portion a trait of his such as his eyes, nose or ears. A male parent genuinely finds satisfaction in seeing that he along with his married woman have created a human being that has his traits. In order to genuinely be a good male parent, a male parent must acknowledge his kids as gifts from the Lord.

Father with their married womans

A adult male that genuinely knows how to be a male parent realizes really early in paternity that he needs the aid his married woman. & # 8220 ; Listen to the input your married woman gives you about each kid. Farrar, 215 & # 8243 ; Here Farrar makes a point that most work forces likely do non desire to listen to but it is decidedly of import. Work force have this desire to be independent in everything. They do non desire to depend on anyone, particularly a adult female. However a male parent needs to depend on the female parent of his kids for aid because she knows her childs better than anyone. They are the fruit of her pubess how could she non cognize them indoors and out. That is non to state that male parents can non hold this type of relationship with their kids, it is possible, but it takes a small longer and it is small harder to obtain than it is for the female parent. A male parent besides has to handle his married woman with regard. As antecedently stated male parents father more by illustration than anything else. State a kid, particularly a male kid, sees their male parent handling his married woman with discourtesy. The kid so sees that as the norm and when they themselves get married they will believe that discourtesy to one & # 8217 ; s partner is non bad, on the other manus it is expected. Alternatively male parents should be verbal about the love they feel toward their wife. & # 8221 ; Love your married woman with verbal congratulations. Ferrar,310 & # 8243 ; In this part of his book Farrar says this as to do male parents illustrations to their kids. Fathers sometimes do non recognize the impact that their illustration may hold on their childs. Another illustration is a male parent who looks at erotica. Pornography is incorrect on so many degrees, but it is particularly incorrect for a male parent of a male to take part in. Again and once more there are instances of immature work forces acquiring tied up with erotica. One manner for a immature adult male to non acquire tied up in it is for him to experience that he can speak to his pa about it. However if the boy notices his pa is involved in it he does non experience comfy speaking to his pa about because the pa struggles with it excessively. It besides is non good for a male parent to look at erotica because that means that boy might experience it is wholly right to look at it excessively. Besides if a male parent is partaking in this wickedness so there is normally some erotica in the place. The place is the last topographic point where erotica should be and a good male parent would do certain it was non at that place. A Father & # 8217 ; s illustration is his most of import plus.

Fathers and their girls

Fathers are particularly critical to their girls while they are turning up. When it comes to misss, male parents are the illustration that immature misss will look for in a male child. Farrar in his book besides talks about a male parent & # 8217 ; s influence on his girl & # 8217 ; s gender.

& # 8220 ; Fathers play a strong function in their girls & # 8217 ; future sexual accommodation. Womans who had a strong stable relationship with a loving male parent normally find the accommodation to maturate muliebrity much easier, They are normally more secure in their sexual nature and they find it easier to love their hubbies.

Farrar,212 & # 8243 ;

Farrar portions that if the relationship between a male parent and his girl is non loving and strong than what he said does non use. The relationship has to be positive. Farrar besides makes it a point to advert that a male parent is strong influence on his girls sexual relationships. & # 8220 ; Fathers besides strongly act upon their girl & # 8217 ; s capacity to bask sexual relationships in matrimony. Farrar, 212 & # 8243 ; What he is stating here is that if a male parent is close to her pa so she will hold no problem acquiring close to another adult male when she gets married. On the other manus if a girl is non close to her pa so she will hold a difficult clip turning close to her hubby sexually. That is a large job in society today. A adult female was non close to her male parent in childhood so now she feels that she needs to make full that nothingness with some other adult male. When analyzing misss one can decode between the misss that had a male parent while turning up and the misss that did non. The misss that did hold male parent while turning up are non the type that feels they need a fellow all of the clip. They are more disposed to remain individual until the cat comes along that they will get married. However misss that did non hold a male parent while turning up can be recognized by being a miss that feels she needs a fellow or some other male figure in her life. They try to make full the nothingness of the male parent with another adult male. A girl that enjoys a good relationship with her male parent will look for person with the features of her male parent when she is ready to acquire married. & # 8220 ; She will look to get married a adult male with the same positive, stamp features she enjoyed with her male parent. Farrar,213 & # 8243 ; Here Farrar reinforces that point

. An old expression says this: a girl ever marries her male parent. This is true in that she does non get married her male parent but she marries a adult male the portions the same characteristics as her male parent. In his book Father: The Figure and The Force. Christopher Anderson says that small misss value their father’s sentiment more than anyone else’s. “Clearly, the sentiment any girl values most is her father’s. Anderson, 75? This statement is true on so many degrees. One such degree is when a miss begins believing about acquiring married if her relationship with her male parent was positive one so she will inquire her male parent what he thinks of her future hubby. Finally another degree is when a girl has kids she will inquire for her father’s sentiment on certain facets of raising her kids.

Fathers and their boies

Fathers have large impact on their boies as they grow up every bit good. When a male child begins turning into a adult male the one individual from he should have information from on sex should be his male parent. Once a male child hits puberty his organic structure begins to alter in many different ways. Most of these alterations are specific to males merely hence a immature adult male needs to experience that he can speak to his male parent about these things because it is non something he wants to speak to his female parent about. Fathers besides need to be at that place to assist boys acquire their aggression out. & # 8220 ; Wrestling and roughhousing with dad provide the fist healthy mercantile establishment for fury and aggression. Anderson, p3 & # 8243 ; If a male child sees that he can take his aggression out while playing with his pa it helps subsequently life to tie in that aggression with a good clip, hence doing him non to wing off the grip all of the clip when he gets angry. Fathers besides need to be at that place so boys can inquire their male parents inquiries. A male child has so many ideas and thoughts running through his head. Who better to inquire these inquiries than adult male he looks at with so much regard, dada. Fathers are a kid & # 8217 ; s associate to the outside universe. & # 8220 ; & # 8230 ; father is the theoretical account for the outside universe. Anderson, 2 & # 8243 ; If a male child does non hold his male parent at that place, the merely position he will hold of the outside universe is the position of a adult female. No male child should be forced to endure through that. He should be able to see the universe through a adult male, his male parent. As immature work forces come on into older adolescence they feel as though they know everything. A good male parent will non allow this fuss him, and should non do it a changeless point of statement. This is because when the adolescent gets older he will recognize how smart his pa truly was.

& # 8220 ; When I was a male child of 14, my male parent was so nescient, I could barely stand to hold the old adult male about. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven old ages.

Mark Twain. Anderson,137 & # 8243 ;

What Mark Twain said is so true. Many work forces realize that their male parent is much smarter than he used to be. This normally happens around age 30. That should give the male parent of a adolescent to look frontward to.

Fathers in the place

The lone manner a male parent can be an effectual male parent is if he is present at place. Today to many male parents are non at that place every bit much as they should be. They find work or something else to take precedency in their life. Farrar chooses to include the undermentioned point in his book. & # 8220 ; Men are by and large more careful of the strain of their Equus caballuss and Canis familiariss so of their kids. William Penn, p199 & # 8243 ; This shows how some could truly care less about their kids. By and large talking the work forces that put something before their kids were involved in that activity before they became a male parent and after holding kids they did non stop the activity. These male parents did non recognize that now they have a really particular activity that they need to be involved in at place. If kids today are non being taught at place by pa, so who are they being taught by. Some of the absence of male parents can be traced back to when mills became present. & # 8220 ; When mills became the beginning of income work forces had to go forth place, therefore greatly decreasing their ability to act upon their boies. Farrar, p40 & # 8243 ; The point Farrar makes here is a noteworthy point. Before mills were the beginning of income, farms were the beginning of income. Every twenty-four hours the male parent would acquire up and travel work in the field all twenty-four hours till it was dark. He ne’er one time left the belongings except for when he had to acquire something for the farm. Every dark he was place to eat dinner and spend clip with his childs. His childs would besides assist him so from clip to clip they were able to work side by side with their male parent and larn straight from him. When mills became the beginning of income, male parents would acquire up in the forenoon and travel to the mill they were non at place any longer. Alternatively of holding to come in when it got dark they would turn on the visible radiations in the mill and so the male parents could work tardily into the dark. After this came a tendency of male parents non being able to home for dinner all of the clip. There were yearss when childs did non even acquire to see their male parent. The childs besides did non acquire to travel and work with their pa. Merely factory workers were allowed in the mills. The mill caused many jobs with work forces being good male parents. A batch of work forces feel that they need to do a batch of money to be a good male parent, yet this is non true. The thing male parents need to administer most is love. In his book Tender Warrior, Stu Weber remarks that work forces lose the focal point of being a male parent and concentrate on doing money. & # 8220 ; To many cats squander their vision-and so inquire why they lose their households. Weber, p25 & # 8243 ; To do the money work forces are non at place they are at the office working 16 hr yearss traveling many yearss without seeing their kids. Their focal point is in the incorrect topographic point. & # 8220 ; We focus myopically on houses and autos and stock portfolios and bank histories and stacking up material. Weber, p24 & # 8243 ; Alternatively male parents holding at that place concentrate on doing certain there kids get to heaven and follow God they have their focal point on earthly ownerships. The male parents & # 8217 ; concentrate demands to be at place. A inquiry every male parent needs to inquire himself is this: & # 8220 ; how can I pull off my calling ends so that I am available to my kids? Weber, p29 & # 8243 ; High school is one of the most of import times for any kid and all male parents need to cognize that. Fathers need to cognize that their childs love it when their pa is able to watch them play or is at place in the eventide os they can speak to him if they need to. Some male parents have this idea that if they are off doing that their childs will love them for the things they have and will be happy that they have all of these secular ownerships. This is non true, most childs that are given a batch of things are found to be ever desiring more. They are ne’er satisfied with what they have. The thing they need the most is to cognize that their male parent attentions about them and that he loves them and that is what they are non acquiring. Another form that has been seen is that if a kid has a difficult clip linking with his earthly male parent so the kid will besides hold a difficult clip linking with their heavenly male parent, God. This relationship is more of import than any other relationship on Earth but to frequently kids are deterred from a good relationship with God because the relationship they have with their pa was non good. This is non to state that they can non hold a relationship with God, it is merely harder for them to associate it to something in their life. Peoples like to associate things to other things that are traveling on in their life. If they have no earthly male parent to associate their heavenly male parent to, so they are lost. Farrar is quoted in his book as stating & # 8220 ; We & # 8217 ; re all selfish. Farrar, p195 & # 8243 ; He stating this to state that as male parents work forces are selfish to frequently they are believing of themselves alternatively of their household. This is particularly apparent when a male parent is working long hours so that he can hold all of the plaything he wants but his kids suffer because there pa is non at that place. This is why households are deceasing. & # 8220 ; Families are deceasing all over America. They are deceasing on my street and on yours. Farrar, p23 & # 8243 ; This is a peculiarly good point that Farrar makes. Families are deceasing because there is no male parent at place to learn his kids particularly his boy how to be parents. They are besides deceasing because there is non male function theoretical account. Why does one hear of association football mas and non soccer pas? Should non the male parent be the one taking the childs to the association football games and what non every bit good. However to frequently all that is heard about is the ma. In athleticss how frequently are professional participants seen looking into the camera and stating & # 8220 ; hi pa? & # 8221 ; Not to frequently. Ninety-nine per centum of the clip a professional participant says & # 8220 ; hi mom. & # 8221 ; Why is that? Would one non believe that the greatest influence in an athletes life would be his male parent but to frequently it is the female parent. The undermentioned statistics can somewhat associate to this.

& # 10122 ; One-third of American kids are non populating with their natural male parents.

& # 10123 ; Over 15 million childs are turning up in places without any male parent.

& # 10124 ; Seventy per centum of work forces in prison grew up with out a male parent.

( Farrar, p57 )

These statistics show the jobs there are with male parents today. As the first statistic shows there is a big per centum of childs in America that live with their stepfather. This is non needfully a bad thing but in some instances it is. There are many stepfathers that are better male parents than a kid & # 8217 ; s natural male parent. On the other manus there are besides many stepfathers that treat their stepchildren like dirt. One ground is, the stepfather is thrown into a place of being a male parent about over dark. The followers is an illustration of how 1 might go a measure father.

John and Karen have been married for 10 old ages. Over these ten old ages they have had three childs: Bob, George and Cathy. Bob is 12, George is 10 and Cathy is six. John and Karen & # 8217 ; s matrimony is non a happy 1. Every twenty-four hours John goes to work and he comes place to happen the house a muss. He and Karen have an statement about every dark either about the cleanliness of the house or some other junior-grade thing. One twenty-four hours John comes place from work and finds that he can non acquire in the house. Karen has changed the locks. After Karen and John talk through this Karen asks John for a divorce and in a few months Karen is divorced and she gets detention of the childs because the ma ever does. A few months go by and Karen meets Joe. Karen and Joe hit it off reasonably good and they start dating. Reasonably shortly they decide to acquire married. They get married likely about a twelvemonth after Karen & # 8217 ; s divorce from John. So, that means that Bob is now 13, George is now 11 and Cathy is now seven. Joe is now nightlong the stepfather of a teenage male child and another male child that is about a adolescent. He besides is the stepfather of a immature miss. Now John has to vie with Joe for clip with his kids. & # 8221 ;

This narrative is a fictional narrative. However, there are many narratives like this in America today. Fathers are being replaced by stepfathers who feel they need to take the male parent function. This O.K. if the natural male parent wants to non take a fatherlike function, but if he does he should non experience that he is viing with another adult male for his child & # 8217 ; s attending. The stepfather should let the natural male parent to take part in his child & # 8217 ; s life in the natural manner and non seek to make jobs all of the clip. In the above narrative Joe becomes a male parent overnight, this is something God did non mean to go on overnight. God planned it so that work forces would hold clip to fix to be a male parent, he gave nine months from the clip the female parent found out she was pregnant to the clip she has the kid. When a adult male marries a adult female that already has childs he does non travel through this clip in the same mode. Yes, he does pass clip acquiring to cognize the childs before he and their ma acquire married, but it is non the same thing. God made childs to hold their natural male parents as their male parent. However if a natural male parent is non willing to step up and be at that place for his childs than it is really admirable of a stepfather to make full that nothingness. As antecedently stated, there are many cases when a stepfather had a greater influence on a kid & # 8217 ; s life than the kid & # 8217 ; s natural male parent. Fathers need to be at that place for their childs, both physically and mentally.

Fathers as religious leaders

God has called the male parents in the household to be religious leaders non the female parents. Throughout the Bible the illustration was the male parent as caput of the place non the female parent. This where the male parent as religious leader comes in. The male parent being the religious leader ties into the old subject in that in order to be a religious leader the male parent needs to be place. Fathers should take their households in hebdomadal Bible surveies and should do certain that there kids are acquiring into the Bibles. If the male parents do non make this who will? However, the household Bible survey can non be a long clip because the kids & # 8217 ; s attending is needed to do certain they know what God wants.

& # 8220 ; The one key word to household Bible devotednesss is brevity. Children can & # 8217 ; t be expected to grok and appreciate drawn-out grownup religious activities. Four or five proceedingss devoted to one or two Bible poetries, followed by a short supplication, normally represents the bounds of attending during the preschool old ages. To coerce immature kids to grok ageless truths in an ageless devotional can be everlastingly unsafe.

Dobson, p37 & # 8243 ;

In his book Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions, Dr. James Dobson says the old statement to acquire parents to recognize that seeking to maintain a younger kid & # 8217 ; s attending can be harmful to their religious life. Fathers need to be in the place have household devotionals, but they do non necessitate to be smothering at that place childs. One would non believe that he or she could acquire to much God, nevertheless at a immature age it can be harmful. If a male parent forces his kids to sit and be still for long periods of clip so they will go world-weary and non desire to make that. To frequently male parents can be found making this with place devotionals. Alternatively of doing it a merriment clip where everyone is basking themselves it becomes a clip of fuss for the parents to seek and maintain their kids quiet and still. If parents of younger kids would near the household devotional with a more unfastened attitude that says merriment alternatively of rough larning so the childs would acquire more out of it and so would the parents. Besides, if a kid has a bad experience with household devotionals at a immature age so they can perchance hold religious jobs at an older age. This is because they are tie ining something bad with God. Although this kid may non recognize it in the dorsum of their head every clip God is brought it up it triggers the past and makes them believe about the bad clip whether they want to or non. So, to avoid that job male parents need to do certain household devotional clip is promoting to the whole household. Another religious leading function that a male parent should take is one in the church. A good Christian male parent needs to do certain that he is an active member of his church. Not merely for him but for his childs every bit good. What better church leader for a kid to hold than his ain pa. Fathers need to do certain that they are present at church and that in his household church attending is required. A male parent besides needs to do certain that while he is at church he is singing and praying and taking whatever chances he can to demo his kids how a Christian should be. This is non merely at church but in every facet of life. This is particularly of import at church because there needs to be a certainty that the church will non decease out when the present coevals dies. If male parents pass on the wont to their childs so the wont will go on for coevalss. However, to frequently male parents take a back row leading at church. Alternatively of stepping up and making what needs to be done they sit and wait for person to come state them what needs to be done. Fathers need to be work forces that will step up and travel out their manner to do certain all of the Lord & # 8217 ; s work is being done. If a male parent does this so his kids will decidedly see as one of the most religious people they know. That is more of import than one may believe. A pole was taken of about 40 adolescents. The pole asked one simple inquiry: Who is the most religious adult male you know? Now take in head that this pole was taken at church of about six-hundred. Most of the childs who were poled have male parents that attend that church. Out of the 40 childs poled merely about four said their male parent. There is something incorrect with that. Fathers need to be the most religious work forces that their childs know. If a male parent is non the most religious adult male, he needs to make some serious life changing. A good male parent is the most religious adult male that his childs know. Fathers are the religious leaders in the place. If a male parent is non the religious leader in his place so something is incorrect. One manner a male parent can be a good a religious leader is by doing certain there is clip set apart every hebdomad to pass with God.

& # 8220 ; If 30 proceedingss three times a hebdomad, provides the necessary endurance for the physical, so would it be off-base to propose the same agenda might give me endurance for the religious life. Farrar, p143 & # 8243 ;

The point Farrar makes here is an amazing point. If work forces were to concentrate every bit much on there religious life as they do at that place physical life the universe that is here today would be a much better topographic point to populate in. A good male parent demands to do certain that he is puting clip aside to hold personal clip with God. Another manner male parents can be good religious leaders is to do certain their childs see them patterning certain facets of paternity.

& # 8220 ; I have five ends & # 8230 ; It is my occupation as their male parent to pattern for them the importance of:

& # 10102 ; Knowing and obeying Jesus Christ

& # 10103 ; Knowing and exposing Godly character

& # 10104 ; Knowing and loving my married woman

& # 10105 ; Knowing and loving my kids

& # 10106 ; Knowing my gifts and abilities

Farrar, p42 & # 8243 ;

When kids see their male parent making these five things they will take that theoretical account and use it to their life. Fathers need to do certain that they are being good religious leaders.


In decision without male parents today the kids of America would be lost. That is why most of them are lost because they do non hold a male parent. God has called work forces to take up the function of paternity and be good Christian illustrations to his kids. God gives many instructions on how to be a male parent and hopefully all work forces heed to these instructions. Without God none of this would be possible so it is through him all recognition is given. A male parents most of import undertaking in life is doing certain his kids are following God. If this is true so the male parent has done his occupation.


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