Bible & Jeremy Bentham On Killing

4 April 2015
Examines views of Biblical authors & utilitarian philosopher on morality of killing a human being.

Is it morally wrong in every case to kill another human being, or are there instances in which taking another human being’s life is justified? Moral philosophers have wrestled with this issue for centuries. The issue may be couched as directly as it is above that killing is morally wrong or it may center on specific instances which some believe alter the moral equation, such as in war, for purposes of euthanasia, or most recently, with reference to the issue of abortion. Of course, the latter involves the further question of when human life begins so that the killing of a fetus can be considered the killing of a human being. The Bible addresses the issue and does not produce as complete or direct an answer as one might think, and the utilitarian Jeremy Bentham also offers a somewhat clouded picture with different interpretations possible. Clearly, the..

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