Biblical Implications of Dark City

4 April 2015
This paper is a literary interpretation of the film “Dark City,” offering incite into the biblical implications found within the film.

This paper examines the revelations the film “Dark City” which provides a look into the social order and the relationship between free will and the idea of “fate.” The paper describes the film’s relevant scenes, the characters relationships and philosophical ideas.
The film Dark City is a science fiction, detective, film-noir-esque movie that was introduced in the mid-nineties. The plot for the film is about a group of aliens who have abducted enough humans to populate a human experiment in which the parameters are human memories and emotions. On surface the film takes a position about the conflict between fate and free will. In Dark City, a deeper reading calls to attention an interpretation that examines the presence of false gods in society and their manipulation and speaks to what the role of being God should be.
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