Big Ones by Aerosmith

10 October 2019

This band has sold millions of records, played thousands of shows, and traveled hundreds of countries. This album contains nothing but the best hit songs from their past albums.The Aerosmith compilation album “Big Ones” is sure to please any rock ‘n roll fan. Filled with bluesy harmonica, to wicked guitar solos, it contains a variety of rock songs with a country twang. Making this album was pretty simple for the band because of it being compiled with previous hits. It’s packed full of rock and rock ballad songs. This rock band had a lot of success come to them from this album.

This rocky compilation album contains Aerosmith’s hit songs from three of their multi-platinum albums. Due to the fact that it’s a compilation album, the band took eight years to record it: from 1987-1994. Each song on this album was written by the band’s singer, Steven Tyler, with a little help from other band members and songwriters. These songs are filled with nothing but real, raw, and truthful lyrics that each tell a story to the listener. Compiled into this record are fifteen uniquely written songs. Thirteen of them are from previous albums, while two new songs, “Walk On Water” and “Blind Man”, were especially written for this album. Each song has a different sound to it, but they all make up the album: Big Ones.

When it comes to rock hits, this album has plenty of them. One of the most famous ones has got to be “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”. This crazy hit has a catchy beat that makes you wanna sing and dance along. While the lyrics tell a funny story about a dude, that well, looks like a lady. Another track is “The Other Side”. The mix of instruments including trumpet, piano, and guitar, tell an emotional story with an upbeat tempo. My favorite song on the album has got to be “What It Takes”. The lyrics have so much soul and meaning when you really listen to them. Tyler’s strong vocals makes this song a sure hit. “Big Ones” contains many rock songs, including these three hits.
Along with rock hits, it also has a variety of slower rock ballad type hits. Some of the more famous ones include: “Crazy”, “Livin’ On The Edge”, and “Janie’s Got a Gun”. “Janie’s Got a Gun” has a slow beat that tells a story through its lyrics. On the other hand, “Crazy” has more bluesy sound to it. The mix of harmonica and guitar create a country sound that you can’t help but sing along to. Finally, “Livin’ on the Edge” opens up with the beating on a tambourine that later turns into slow guitar. This hits truthful lyrics sound amazing with Tyler’s’ voice. It’s hard to not love these slow rock ballads.
With the combo of hits from previous albums, this record sure had a lot of success brought to it. The three multi-platinum albums this record was created from are “Permanent Vacation”, “Pump”, and “Get a Grip”. With its rock/country hits, it managed to reach number 6 on the Billboard charts; shortly after it was released on November 1, 1994. It was also in the Billboard Top Ten in 9 countries. Now that’s definitely an accomplishment! This worldwide hit was Aerosmith’s second best selling compilation album ever!
As a band that’s been around for a long time, they’ve accomplishes so much. Especially with this rockin’ album. They made an album, filled it with rock and rock ballad songs, and had lots of success come to it. Aerosmith’s “Big Ones” is a compilation album packed with 15 songs that are sure to please any old rock lover. They’ve sold millions of records, played thousands of shows, and traveled hundreds of countries. Even after 40 years of making music, they still have what it takes to be a band and make even more successful albums just like this one.

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