Big Ones

10 October 2019

The “Boys of Boston” have reached the top of the billboard charts once again after the recent release of their much-awaited album, “Big Ones.” This, Aerosmith’s fifth greatest hits album in the band’s 21 years, truly carves their position in stone atop the music world. This album combines all of Aerosmith’s chart toppers since 1986 and the “Permanent Vacation” era to recent history, including “Get A Grip.” With the addition of a new producer, they have definitely rediscovered their youth, as their energy on stage displays. Aerosmith has managed to combine awesome tracks, ravishing guitar riffs and a genuine redefinition of youth as only they can. “Big Ones” has two new exciting songs for diehard rock fans. “Walk On Water,” which has not yet reached national exposure, and “Blind Man,” an already immensely popular single and video, will keep every fan from the “Movin’ Out” years to present coming back for more. Michael Beinhorn, the band’s new production assistant, definitely has a strong hold over what the fans want, judging from his prominence in bringing “Blind Man” to national renown. Also included on the album are 13 other tracks, including timeless classics “Rag Doll,” “Angel” and “What it Takes.” Altogether, fans will hear over an hour of non-stop classics from America’s greatest rock and roll band. You might think that it would take more than three albums to compile another greatest hits group, but don’t tell that to Aerosmith. Out of those three albums, “Permanent Vacation,” “Pump” and “Get a Grip,” twelve tracks were selected, which adds up to four tracks from each album, more than any of today’s copycat rock bands could accomplish. They’ve been putting more effort into their recordings and it is definitely paying off. The Boys have not missed a beat in keeping up with rock and roll today. Joe Perry is playing as if he were 20. Steven Tyler at 46 has more energy on stage than most singers half his age. Brad Whirford and Tom Hamilton have supplied the most amazing guitar riffs rock fans have seen in years. Joey Kramer has not lost his speed when it comes to the drums. Altogether, Aerosmith has the potential and energy to survive another 20 years. Aerosmith’s “Big Ones” makes for a hit album any way you look at it. Any band who can produce almost five hits on every album will undoubtedly be dubbed “America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.” Not even the Rolling Stones can accomplish that feat. I recommend “Big Ones” to fans of all ages, although the album is primarily aimed at older teenagers. If Aerosmith’s past releases are any sign of what “Big Ones” is like, then this album is a definite purchase. .

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