Big skinny

8 August 2016

Problems Unclear (too much categories) Difficult to find what we are looking for Too much text Products are not highlighted Solutions Make it more intuitive (see its competitor belroy. com) More visual approach of the website Staging of the object on photos (because it is a fashion item and people want to see how they look with it) ? emphasis its strength (show through photo how slim it is etc…) Mention where are the physical shops II. Social media strategy 1. Facebook Objective increase the number of Facebook fan Solutions

Organize online contest in order to make Facebook fans win free wallets (ex: best picture of a fan with a Skinny wallet) Make the Facebook page more interactive (ex: post some photo of wallets and ask the customer which one would they choose and why) Hide some publications from the public to encourage them to become fan of the Facebook page Offer coupons/reductions for the Facebook fans Like other Facebook pages related to wallets in order become visible to potential new customers who are fans of those related pages. Post photo of the latest product (and direct links to buy them on the website)

Big skinny Essay Example

2. Twitter: Photos of the latest products in “street context” Coupons/reduction 3. Youtube 4. Blog Display Ads Observations, dysfunctions Low click rates System of payment: pay per impression Law click rates means that they have chosen the wrong websites to advertise (their ad is not relevant for people who see it, that is why they do not click on it). They have to choose websites which topics are relevant for their advertising (fashion, business) Moreover combining low click rates with pay per impression is very expensive.

(in their case they should have chose the “pay per click system” because even if it is more expensive, you only pay when the prospect is interested by your ads (and click on it) Ad network/Ad exchange Big Skinny should not use those channels to advertise online because they do not have much control on where their ad would appear (their ad could appear on a website in which the topic does not fit with an ad for selling wallets. They do not have to buy “package” but select efficiently websites in which their ad would be relevant for the customer.

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