Bilimbi bleach

8 August 2016

Many common household chemicals are dangerous. They may be reasonably safe when used as directed, yet contain toxic chemicals. And one of the most dangerous household chemicals is the household bleach since it contains sodium hypochlorite, a chemical that can cause irritation and damage to the skin and respiratory system if inhaled or spilled on the skin and most people who get allergic reactions and minor injuries during a prolonged use.

Just like lead poisoning, the effects of these chemicals usually are not instant; they gradually eat away at people’s health over time, because they are absorbed through the skin because the human skin is like a sponge. The chemical based bleach end up on clothes and they are never rinsed completely. As you wear them on your body, the chemicals soak into your skin. Harsh chemicals are just as bad for your fabrics as they are for your health. According to the research, users are increasing the potential for fires by using chlorine bleach in their laundry.

As the chemicals break down fabric fibers, the amount of lint increases and may catch fire in the dryer. What’s even more disturbing is that manufacturers are not legally required to list their ingredients on the labels. While these chemicals may not be on the label, recent studies show many of them to be proven toxins. They build up in skin, and may cause many serious health problems such as asthma, autism, infertility, allergies, and even cancer. People are sick and tired of toxic chemical based bleach.

They need bleach that doesn’t contain sodium hypochlorite and other hazardous ingredients. People need to refrain from this kind of chemicals before it will cause them serious health problems. “BILIMBI BLEACH” could help them live free from this kind of chemicals because “BILIMBI BLEACH” is made from pure kamias fruits extract and it doesn’t contain sodium hypochlorite. Bilimbi is known as “kamias” in the Philippines. We can assure that we can provide the market an adequate supply of ‘BILIMBI BLEACH” since it is abundant in tropical countries.

And Philippines is a tropical country. The main reason why we choose “BILIMBI BLEACH” is because we wanted to offer a unique and eco-friendly product to the market that could serve as a substitute to chemical-based bleaches but at the same time can keep the customer satisfied. Clothing stains can be removed with “BILIMBI BLEACH” due to the content of oxalic acid that is present in Bilimbi. Having clean clothes is important for good health, but when it comes to our health, the conventional chemical based bleach does way more harm than good.

This chemical pollutes the air and water while increasing the risk of developing liver cancer. People with sensitive skin often experience irritation and develop skin rashes from chemical based bleach. The problem with such chemical based bleach is that many of them actually contain ingredients to mask undesirable chemical odors. We want to propose this product in hope that our “BILIMBI BLEACH” creates brand awareness to the market that “BILIMBI BLEACH” is way better than chemical based bleach.

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