Bill Clinton Dnc Speech Analysis Paper

9 September 2016

Paper For my speech analysis paper I will be analyzing a speech made by former President Bill Clinton speaking at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Democratic former President Bill Clinton was there to give a speech to promote and present arguments on why President Barrack Obama should be re-elected for another four years. In the speech he used data, emotional appeals, and many other concepts to convince the audience and the country that Obama is going in the right direction for the country.

Bill Clinton started off the speech with great enthusiasm and referred to a story that touched me emotionally. He also used an analogy that got me pumped for America’s future which drew in my attention. During the speech he spoke with great vocal variety, he raised his tone when he said, “I proudly here to nominate Barrack Obama to be the leader of the Democratic Party”, emphasizing his reason for speaking at the convention. When talking about the great recession and how it affected the American people, Clinton lowered his tones and spoke with sadness by showing a frowning face.

Bill Clinton Dnc Speech Analysis Paper Essay Example

He then brought the audience back into mood by raising his tone and stating statistics that we are better off than we were four years ago. He also looked up, smiled, and said it with confidence which I feel that gave the audience hope. Not only that he used many vocal varieties, Clinton also used many hand movement and gestures throughout the speech. When he brought up the topic about the Republics, he used a lot of movements and gestures to try to imply his reasoning. For example when he brought up how Republics blamed the Democrats for the failing economy, Clinton rose up both holds and stated his argument with a higher tone.

Even though he was standing behind the podium he had a lot of movements with his upper body, turning side to side to directing his statement to everyone in the convention center. His speech was very extemporaneous, he did not have any note cards or a teleprompter in front of him. He spoke with great conversation skills and at a rate which makes it comprehensible. The speech also had many pauses which I feel gave the audience a time to applaud and process the information.

At the end of the speech Clinton wrapped it up with a story and spoke with confidence that America will be strong again if Obama is re-elected for the presidency. During the speech Clinton showed a few weaknesses while addressing his speech. Clinton stuttered at certain parts of the speech. He also used the word “hate” when stating how the Republicans hate the Democrats for how they are handling the situation with the economy. I believe hate is a strong word and that could ruin his credibility. I also feel that he should state the source from where he got his statistics.

Some statistics he said were too broad which I feel that also brought down his credibility. Also there are many times where he directly attacked a person and I feel that he should talk more about the accomplishments of his party rather bringing another person down. I also think there are times where used to much gestures, for example when he really got into his speech about Medicare/Medicaid he swung his arms all over the place. All in all, I feel that this was a great speech, well developed, funny. Bill Clinton succeeded in persuading me to side with be with Democrats and vote for Obama.

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