Bill Gates: His Life in the Computer World

4 April 2015
This paper outlines the influence Bill Gates has had in computers, technology, and business.

This paper discusses the life of Bill Gates, founder and chairman of Microsoft. It details his young adult life and how he came to create a new computer operating system. Further, how he built the Microsoft empire and changed technology, business, and society. It also briefly examines a few of the legal cases against Microsoft.
From the paper:

Bill Gates: His Life in the Computer World Essay Example

“William or “Bill” H. Gates III is chief executive and co-founder of the largest software company in the world, the Microsoft Corporation. Last year, Microsoft made a $953 million dollar profit on sales of $3.75 billion dollars. As Microsoft’s largest stockholder, Bill Gates is worth nearly $6.1 billion, making him this country’s second wealthiest man. He is at thirty-eight years old, America’s youngest self-made billionaire. Microsoft’s $25 billion market value tops that of Ford, General Motors, 3M, Boeing, RJR Nabisco, General Mills, Anheuser-Busch or Eastman Kodak. (Resin “The Bill Gates Interview”) This paper will attempt to analyze the character of Bill Gates, explain the nature of the corporation he created, and explicate some of the difficulties he and his corporation have faced economically and personally. It will suggest that although Gates has done many controversial things throughout his life as both a man and as chief executive of Microsoft, the overall effects he has had upon the country and upon the computer industry have been positive ones.”

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