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8 August 2016

Martin Luther King Jr. furthermore William “Bill” Gates. I appreciate these two famous thinkers for the effect and impact they both have had on social order. These two famous thinkers have helped and emphatically influenced numerous lives over a significant time span. Both famous thinkers needed to overcome hardships and utilize their creative personalities to manage tests, deterrents, and issues. These two have changed and made their own particular history and legacy, which will be composed in history books for everybody to see.

Born Michael King Jr. in 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the most recognized civil rights leader in history. His father was Baptist minister and raised him to follow in his footsteps as a minister as well. During the civil rights movement Dr. King headed a crusade to help Americans to gain the same human rights, despite their origin or skin color. Dr. King had numerous contributions to society and is remembered for his non-violent movement.

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Dr. King was honored most for his heroic civil rights activism in the United States as well as a prophet of peace and justice in a world torn by Vietnam. Dr.

King led the fight in 1956 to desegregate the bus lines in Montgomery, Alabama. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference appointed him the head position, which was to create racial equality throughout the country using non- violence. Dr. King was most famous for the march on Washington in 1963, where he gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech (Kersey, 2012) In 1964 Dr. King was the youngest to win the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 35. Dr. King was shot and killed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1968. Born William Gates in Seattle, Washington in 1955, he is known to households as Bill.

Bill is known around the world as a self -made multi-billionaire as well as a known philanthropist. Bill Gates has given 65% of his billions to his organization Bill and Melinda Gates, which was created by him and his wife Melinda (2004, Dec. ) The main focus on the Gates’ foundation and their public awareness work includes global health and population control programs, increased library technology, minority scholarships, and education reform (2004, Dec. ) He plans to give away up to 95% of his riches by the time he passes away.

He is well known for the creation of Microsoft. Microsoft is the leader of all computer software and used by almost everyone all over the world. Dr. King attended and accepted a degree in Sociology from Morehouse College at the age of 19. He attended Crozer Theological Seminary and later finished his doctorate at Boston University. Dr. King helps the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, authorizing the federal government to authorize desegregation in freely claimed facilities. He also helped the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

His “I Have a Dream” discourse at the March on Washington changed the existed and captured the hearts of many individuals. Dr. Ruler battled for equality for Whites and Blacks. Dr. King pushed non- roughness actually when he lost backing of some of his adherents because he declined to retaliate against brutal acts, Dr. King might in any case keep on leading peaceful marches (Kersey, 2012) Dr. Ruler was a quite capable man and many feared him because he was so effective. His actions and creative point of view is the reason a black man, for example, himself can now sit in a classroom with a white classmate.

His quality, courage and drive are the reasons we are able to have equal rights regardless of our source and the color of our skin. At the early age of 13 Bill Gates discovered an investment in machines. He created his first program in private school when he planned a tic-tac-toe game for his companions. Bill might later be fellow benefactor of Microsoft which is the largest software company on the planet (Wirthman, 1998) Bill is one of the greatest philanthropists on the planet. Bill followed in the strides of his mother being a group activist.

Bill includes himself with issues that dealt with health, education and information engineering. He gives a large number of dollars to create scholarships and research ventures consistently. Without Bills innovative approach, innovation might not be at the level it is today. He is a giving honorable individual who prides on helping and offering back to what he has faith in (Riepe, 2002) His scholarship programs have helped various low salary families obtain a higher education. Dr. King gave the greater part of his life to tackling issues. His main issue was battling for racial equality.

The battle for racial equality has been an issue Dr. King faced as a youngster and as an adult. He accepted he could desegregate the nation. Life as we know it might not exist if Dr. King completed not take the initiative to battle for racial equality. Bill Gates had an alternate yet similar issue. He wanted to change the neighborhood for everybody much the same as Dr. King yet his way might be financially providing for the group to help aid the less fortunate. He also improves software used to tackle issues for everyday individuals and everyday business.

His Microsoft programs are intended to be guidelines for helping individuals create individuality and stay organized. Dr. King’s approach to his issues was to motivate individuals to stand up and demonstrate for their legal rights however in a peaceful way. He headed his individuals on marches and rallies to battle for what they legally merited. He established the Southern Christian Leadership Convention and together with his social equality leaders, he might travel around the nation leading demonstrations. Bill has created various software programs to help tackle issues.

He started in the late 70’s when he created application programs for MIT and the early 80’s for IBM. After he started Microsoft, he created the William H. Gates Corporation, which he used to pipe billions of dollars far and wide in backing of education, engineering, and health care advancement. Dr. King finished not have to search for a challenge. Racial inequality existed all over in the United States. Slavery was abolished in 1865 however Blacks still had no place near as many rights and benefits as Whites. Bill Gates dedicated his life as well as search for issues he could settle.

His challenges started with the discovering ways to take care of machines issues and issues. His other challenge was generating foundations that profit the less fortunate. Dr. King communicated his issues verbally and building an emulating of individuals ready to accompany his lead. He had rallies, marches, and demonstrations; sit ins, and so forth to express his issue. Bill Gates completed not express his issues verbally; he might attack his issues by creating programs to alter the issue he found.

Many of his issues could be enhanced because they were self however issues. Dr.King might study and research preceding communicating his issue. He might make beyond any doubt he had all the facts to back up his arguments while heading these rallies and demonstrations. He might gather the laws to stand behind his cause. Bill Gates finished not have a way to investigate his PC issues because machines were at such an early state, to the point that he might learn through the all in or all out methodology. He might settle issues as he created issues. Dr. King used his whole life advancing ideas in his attempt to rouse his individuals so stand up for what they trust in.

He accompanied his convictions of a peaceful development, which he remain faithful to at each occasion. Bill Gates just employment was to improve ideas and ideas. His creations were new and there were no standards to accompany behind. He ran across new ideas and procedures that became the standard for others. There is no investigating regarding these two great thinkers. Both have helped such a great amount of to social order. Both have manufactured legacies that will stand in the history books for eternity. Bill Gates has created PC programs that will perpetually help individuals create and navigate on a workstation.

Dr. King has changed the planet with his for social liberties and human equality. Their commitments to social order have changed how we deal with our kindred companions and we utilize Pcs. Both individuals utilized sacrificial acts to help establish life, as it exists today. The main thing that I could see that could be distinctive might be whether they both could have inhabited the same time and cooperated. Bill Gates fortune might have helped Dr. King not contend so energetically and with Dr. King’s drive and ambition, Bill Gates might have known his actual passion was to help the human social order.

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