Billing system

6 June 2016


As the pace of technology develops faster, people must adapt to these changes and bring out tools and techniques that will enable them to have a better and productive lifestyle. For many years, technology has been aiding people in order to ease the load of work and giving them more different ways of solving our problems that would output greater result. It serves as the paramount of every company for it will determine their competitiveness and success in the modernization and globalization process of the industry.

Billing system Essay Example

The fact that corporations must cope up with the advances of technology, it must built or create a system that will organize, record, and ease the transactions efficiently using computers. Information systems have widely help, improve and innovate businesses in their connection with the people. It is important to have information system in every business that shall create or improve an existing system and will greatly help the company in their efforts for quality service.

As an industry to be successful, it shall be globally competitive thus the developers came up the concept of creating, developing and implementing a billing system for Eon Pharmatek, Inc. and it will provide quality of service, faster transactions and easy organization of billings. It will serve as vital tool in innovating the company’s service and will help them to achieve their goals in meeting the people’s expectations.

The study performed by the developers prioritized the creation of Eon Pharmatek, Inc.‘s billing system in order to have a much sufficient, efficient and organize way of billing. In accordance to the developers’ goal, they also want the system to automate transactions in billing to prevent lot of workloads, save a great amount of time, eradicate manual billings’ errors and accuracy of data.

1.1 Background of the Study

The study comprises the goal of the developers to create an Automated Billing System for Eon Pharmatek, Inc. (EON). It is located at U 703 AIC Burgandy Empire Tower ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City and it is currently owned by Sangeet Mehrotra. The corporation’s establishment was in the year 2007. EON is a distributor of pharmaceutical and dermatological products. Customers involve are multi speciality hospitals and pharmacies, chain drug stores, independent drugstores, industrials, NGO & government institutions and regional distributors.

1.2 Statement of Objectives

As the developers identified what type of billing system will be created to provide service to the Eon Pharmatek’s, Inc., objectives were implemented to develop an automated billing system.

1.2.1 General Objectives

The general objective of the study is to create and implement an Automated Billing System for the Eon Pharmatek, Inc. that would organize different kinds of billing information.

1.2.2 Specific Objectives To develop a module that will keep track of the employee’s work hours. This will keep track whether the employee is working undertime or overtime. It will be put to the database for an easy access. To develop a module that will record and calculates expenses in certain projects and clients. The module will input all the expenses that will be use for projects and clients and will calculate the exact amount of fund that will be allocated to a certain project. To develop a module that will submit summary reports regarding information on hours worked by the employees, expenses incurred, how much to bill clients, and which clients owe money for specific projects. This module will display reports regarding all billing transactions and activities to keep track of the expenses and project costs. It will create a much more accurate report that when employees manually input data for reports.

1.3 Significance of the Study

The study will create various opportunities for EON to be globally competitive and provide a quality of service to the people. It will not only benefit the corporation but also its customers and partners in having the appropriate system. It will harness the corporation’s capability in the marketing industry. The system developed can also be used as referral for other developers that will create the same type of system.

1.4 Scope and Limitation of the Study

The developers identified the scope and limitation of the study. The purpose of the study is to automate the billing system of Eon Pharmatek, Inc. The underlying subjects in the system are: 1) Checking the hours worked of the employee

2) Expenses incurred 3) Record expenses for every project 4) Summary Report of Billing The limitations of this study are as the following: 1) Employee’s Literacy to System The accuracy of the system will be based from the employee that will input data to the system. 2) Fast-paced Technology There will be times that maintenance will not be enough for the gradual change in technology and will need for a change in the system as a whole.

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