Billy Elliot

10 October 2016

The theme change is portrayed in a range of different ways and the characters who are able to exhibit this are Jacky, Tony and Billy. They face many glitches which illustrate their individual journey in the film that are impacted by the strikes. Jacky Elliot is a miner on strike who is irritated because he is unable to bring money to his home and support his son’s passion for dance. “All right for your Nana, for girls.

No, not for lads, Billy. Lads do football… or boxing… or wrestling. Not friggin’ ballet. ”  When Jacky finds out that Billy is dancing instead of boxing, he is disappointed because his son has chosen ballet shoes over boxing gloves. This indicates that Jackie has a powerful and traditional value for male roles in society and dancing is not a manly pursuit, certainly not for a miner’s son. When Billy proves to Jacky that he can dance in the gym where Michael is also visible on Christmas Day, Jacky immediately goes to Mrs Wilkinson to find out the costs to go to London.

Billy Elliot Essay Example

This is then followed by the selling of his wife’s jewellery which is evident in scene 13 and allows the audience to see change in Jacky’s attitude from an aggressive into a supportive and loving father who wants the best for his son. These scenes has helped developed Jacky’s character and let the audience to realise and understand that Jacky has moved on from the grief of his wife’s death and is now able to focus as the man of his family. Another character who is able to develop in the film is Tony.

He is a proud and energetic miner working at the coal mine with his father and usually acts without thinking. “Have you been playing my records you little twat? ” This scene is when Billy listens to music and Tony yells at him for using one of his properties. Tony must’ve acted this way because of his mother’s passion for music and the grief he has. When Tony decides to go and break the law with a tool in his hand at night, Jacky finds out and Tony gets slapped on the face. Tony still manages to leave when his father tells him not to and gets caught by the police.

This particular scene confirms that there is no change in Tony’s character. The turning point for Tony is when Jacky attempts to cross the picket line to pay for Billy’s trip to London and Tony stops him. This is when Tony realises that his not the only one going through a tough time alone with the Miner’s Strike, the loss of the mother and Billy’s dancing ambition. The embrace between Tony and Jacky resolves many conflicts of the film and Tony together with his father are finally able to slowly and support Billy’s dream.

Lastly, Billy is another character who is able to mature by the sequences of events which lead him to pursue his dream of becoming a Ballet dancer. “Just because I like ballet doesn’t mean I’m a poof, you know. ” This proves that Billy has a passion for dance and isn’t following the typical stereotype of a young boy living in the 1980’s. Billy isn’t interested in expressing himself with his fists and Billy achieves his true passion with the help of his ballet teacher Mrs Wilkinson, who supports him when his family doesn’t.

When Billy can finally convince Jacky that he wants to become a dancer, his father accepts and this displays that Billy’s determination is strong and that dancing is his passion. This allows the audience to view Billy’s development through the film as Billy used to practice secretly in his bathroom, then got to audition at the Royal Ballet School in London and finally stand on stage where his dream is fulfilled. Overall, the character who changes the most in the film is Jacky because in the beginning, Jacky is easily worked up, about the Miner’s Strike, the loss of his wife and Billy’s ambition.

With these obstacles, he is not able to think and do anything right for his family. Jacky’s character started to develop when Billy dances in front of him because he didn’t realise that his son had such talent as a young boy. To help his son accomplish his dream, he sells his wife’s jewellery to travel to London together for the audition at the Royal Ballet School. Jacky has always been a loving father but he couldn’t find the courage to display this because of all the problems that were happening.

The two sons have helped their father to become the best man he can be therefore Jacky’s character is developed with the help of Tony and Billy. Stephen Daldry uses various actors to illustrate the theme change during a time where a major industrial action affected the British coal industry. This film shows that Jackie, Tony and Billy are able to develop with the help of the family and the community in County Durham, England. The scenes of Billy Elliot allow the audience to understand how change and character development lead to a successful dream.

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