Billy Elliot Song Analysis

9 September 2016

The director choose this song because it matched to feelings and moods of the start of the movie. Just like in the song Billy knows he can dance but is unsure and scared to reveal it to others because he doesn’t think boys can dance. The song is talking about dancing when “I was twelve” and “out of the womb” meaning danced at a young age like Billy. The phrases “I was dancing…” and “Is it strange…” are repeated many times throughout the song and its message connects with Billy and the movie.

There are lyrics in the song that state “danced myself out the tomb” and “danced myself into the tomb” meaning dancing your whole life like Billy. This song wasn’t chosen by the director to sound good it was chosen to connect to the movie and specifically the story of Billy. Bang a Gong (Get it on) Like the other songs in this movie, the director has selected perfect timings to start playing this song. The feel and mood matches that of the movie. This songs adds to the scene and makes it all the more interesting for the viewer.

Billy Elliot Song Analysis Essay Example

The lyrics of this song match perfectly the corresponding pictures displayed on the screen at the time The Clash – London Calling The director choose this song to match to moment in the movie where Tony was trying to escape the police. The energy in the song matches the moment in the movie and makes the scene more exciting and tense. The lyrics are explosive and constant matching the current situation in the movie. The rhythm follows Tony’s footsteps as he charges through houses and pounds down the pavement.

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