Billy Elliot The Musical

10 October 2019

Billy Elliot the musical is about a young 11 year old boy, Billy, whose mother has died, his brother and father are in the miners strike in London of 1984, and Billy has just begun realizing that he does not want to box, but be a ballet dancer. Of course his father does not support his dream, so the show informs the audience of how Billy goes about making his father happy while staying true to himself.
The day I saw the show Billy was played by 14 year old Kiril Kulish. The minute he began dancing, I started to cry. It was absolutely beautiful and stunning. I, being a dancer myself, admired his grace and strength that made him the amazing dancer he is. It made me feel something I can’t really explain that filled me with joy and inspiration. The song “Electricity” certainly explains the way I felt about the show itself and my own dancing. In the song, the character of Billy explains how he feels about dancing. The song is magnificent, and one hundred percent true. In the middle of the song, Billy begins a dance that was extraordinarily choreographed. In the end of the song, he does Fouette’ turns, which are very difficult to do. Kiril ended up doing about twenty three of them, it was breath taking. After the number, there was a giant 2 minute applaus and even a standing ovation!
Other highlights of the show was David Bologna, who played the role of Michael, Billy’s friend. He was an incredible tap dancer and singer. His stage presents was so outstanding that I could not keep my eyes off of him. Haydn Gwynne was Mrs. Wilkinson, Billy’s ballet teacher. She captured the characters stubbernness and sarcasm perfectly, and had an amazing belting voice. I thorougly enjoyed her. By the end of the show, all I wanted to do was dance. It had inspired me to dance my heart out, and I did just that. On my way out to the car I tap danced across the streets of New York City. I will never forget this show, as it has certainly changed my view on dancing and well, life. I know that audiences will react the same way I did, as this is the most heartwarming story that has ever landed on Broadway.

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