Billy Elliot the Musical and Father

10 October 2016

Some obstacles the characters face are self-belief, a father’s expectations and being an individual. This essay will discuss these challenges and how a person overcomes them to journey into the world with the use of quotes, film and language techniques. Self-belief is a factor that makes a person stronger. Without it they may not reach their goals. In the scene of Billy Elliot where Billy dances in front of his father, the audience sees that this is the first time that Billy genuinely believes in himself. The non-diegetic music is loud and energetic.

This represents the fact that Billy has built enough self-confidence to stand up for himself. A close-up is used on Billy’s face when he starts to dance. This technique is used to emphasise the expression of confidence and self-belief on his face. It shows his emotion and how he isn’t afraid to do what he wants. There is also a close up on the father’s face that seems to be stunned while watching Billy. After Billy finishes dancing, his father runs to Mrs Wilkinson’s house because that is when he realised that his son really has talent.

Billy Elliot the Musical and Father Essay Example

In the quote “If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,” from the poem ‘If’ the father is telling his son to have faith in himself when others don’t. In the movie, if Billy had not stood up for himself, his father wouldn’t have thought to let him go to the ballet school. The self-belief Billy had led him to success in the future. Expectations can put a lot of pressure on a child. In society, boys were expected to play manly sports like boxing, and girls to learn ballet. In the scene where Billy falls to an opponent at boxing his coach yells “Jesus Christ, Billy Elliot!

You’re a disgrace to them gloves, your father, and the traditions of this boxing hall! ” A high angle shot over Billy when he is on the ground is used to show he is weak and powerless in this situation. This technique develops the feeling that elder men in society had more control. There is also a mid-shot of Billy’s father sitting in the grand-stands looking exasperated after Billy falls. It shows the audience the father does not feel Billy is living up to his expectations. From the poem, the quote “which is more – you’ll be a Man my son! shows the audience the father ultimately expects his son to be a man. The word ‘man’ is written with a capital letter to emphasise this point. Though Billy held back doing from ballet, he still become a man and everyone soon supported his decision. To be an individual is what a young child seeks to be. It was normal in the community for boys to do manly sports such as boxing, and girls to learn ballet. When Billy’s father finds out that he has been secretly going to ballet lessons he says “All right for your Nana, for girls. No, not for lads, Billy. Lads do football, or boxing, or wrestling.

Not friggin’ ballet. ” What Billy really wants to do is not accepted for boys in the society. The quote “If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,” from the poem, the father is now telling his son not to be influenced by those around him and to keep his honour and morals. By having his own way and not allowing others to influence, the son will be an individual. In the scene where Billy dances with Mrs Wilkinson to the song ‘I Like to Boogie’, Mrs Wilkinson helps Billy be his own person by letting him dance the way he wants and not preventing him from doing anything.

The technique of contrasting is used with Billy’s and Mrs Wilkinson’s clothing. In the boxing hall Billy is wearing white and pink which stands out from the walls. Mrs Wilkinson wears a dull, blue colour which makes her blend into the background. This technique shows that Mrs Wilkinson is a hidden support for Billy. She is helping Billy reach his goal because she never had the chance to shine. A tracking shot is used on the both when they dance in the hall. It shows the dynamic movement between them.

This technique also displays the freedom Billy has to move in the hall. In conclusion, individuals must overcome each obstacle and challenge in order to grow up and journey into the world. This has been shown through the film ‘Billy Elliot’ by Stephen Daldry and the poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling. With the use of techniques and quotes, this essay has shown how the main characters encountered the challenges of self-belief, a father’s expectations and trying to be an individual.

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