Billy Elliot the Musical

1 January 2020

Broadway is known for spectacular theatrical performances. Through the years, musicals have received much praise and set unwavering standards. “Billy Elliot the Musical” is no different, holding a special place in Broadway’s success this year. Based on the movie, it portrays a struggling boy’s ambition to become a ballet dancer.

The main character, Billy, is born to a mining family and his parents want him to become a professional boxer. However, Billy has a passion for dancing and he struggles to gain approval from his family.

Billy Elliot the Musical Essay Example

Every great musical needs great acting. “Billy Elliot the Musical” has a remarkable cast, with each member contributing to the production. Laughs are plentiful and the comedy merges with drama to emphasize certain issues. The graceful movements combine with enlightening vocals to cast a spell. With beautiful choreography, the musical flows smoothly as the actors energetically dash across the stage. Each character – through speech and body movements – is made as memorable as a favorite movie or song.

Perhaps the only thing that rivals the acting is the music, which is composed by Elton John. Through his music, the passion of the cast is poured into the audience. The energetic musical numbers include “Solidarity,” in which the miners show their will to stand as one and continue their strike, and “Electricity,” where Billy expresses his love for dancing with his body.

The props and scenery are another stunning feature. Decorative backgrounds vividly depicted the settings. Not only does the scenery show the audience where and when the play takes place, it helps establish the atmosphere the director intended.

Overall, “Billy Elliot the Musical” is an exceptional piece. The producers have outdone themselves with this marvelous and comical plot. The unique music, acting, scenery, and costumes create memorable and amusing images. This musical is definitely worth your money and it will hold a dear place on Broadway and in our hearts.

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