Billy Gilman – One Voice

9 September 2019

I don’t listen to music much, but when I do, it’s usually country. Billy Gilman isone of my favorite singers. A few of his numbers are slow songs, but most are funand fast.

Billy Gilman is only 13 years old, but he has an unbelievablevoice. One of my favorite songs is “One Voice.” The lyrics are verydeep and are about poor people, about living in a new neighborhood, and aboutkids having guns. He also talks about how life isn’t fair and that you need tokeep dreaming and praying.

Some of his songs are slower and about love,but many have good beats. “The Snake Song,” a hard one to explain, isvery funny. It’s about a King Snake that falls in love with a garden hose. I knowit sounds weird, but you have to listen to it.

I have one other favorite:”Oklahoma,” which is beautiful. It talks about parents divorcing, andGilman puts a lot of feeling into the words.

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I suggest you listen to”One Voice” by Billy Gilman. Even if you don’t like country music, Ibet you’ll find something to like on this CD.

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