Billy Joel’s River Of Dreams Tour

Billy Joel is back with his new hit album “River of Dreams” complete with a newconcert tour. It has been almost four years since his “Stormfront” tour, butBilly Joel is still as energetic and entertaining as ever! Picture it: Madison Square Garden in New York, 20,000 people cheering and chanting for theman of the hour, Billy Joel. The lights go out, and then, silence, everyoneanticipating the first note to be played. Finally the music starts, and out hecomes. A one, two, one two three four; guitars, drums, pianos, and keyboardsdrown the screams of the crowd as Billy begins to sing “A Matter of Trust.” Hisenergy and enthusiasm do not subside for a second throughout the entire night.Every song he sings is accompanied by the 20,000 fans singing each word rightalong with him. Since he sang only four songs off his new album “River ofDreams,” the tour should have been called Billy’s Greatest Hits. Withoutfail, Billy Joel sang practically every song from one of his first hits, “AngryYoung Man,” to his most recent, “Shades of Grey.” The night would not have beencomplete without his live rendition of “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” and”Goodnight Saigon,” his song dedicated to the veterans of the Vietnam War. Ofcourse, he closed the show with his most famous and memorable song, “PianoMan.” Between raging on the piano and climbing over the stage rails, BillyJoel gave his all-out best for a performance that will never be forgotten! “Singus a song you’re the piano man, sing us a song tonight, well we’re all in themood for a melody, and you’ve got us feeling all right!!!”

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