Binary Code Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Did you know that all of the information that travels through your computing machine is based on two bids? It’s true. The lone informations that a computing machine can understand is on and off. But. the 1000000s of combinations of those two bids given in series are what make a computing machine work.

Remember the power supply that is indoors your computing machine and how it sends electricity to all of the constituents? That electricity is what creates an on signal. The memory french friess inside your computing machine are divided into 1000s of bantam compartments called spots. Each spot has an electronic switch or gate. On means the gate is unfastened and allowing electricity go through. The computing machine reads on or unfastened switches as a figure 1. Closed Gatess are away because the electricity is blocked and can non acquire through. The computing machine reads off spots as 0. It is by grouping these spots together to organize a series of 1/0 bids.

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that information is formed. Eight spots are grouped together to organize a byte. In this group of eight. there are 256 possible combinations of 1/0. The grouping of 1/0 within a byte is called Binary Code.

Here’s an illustration of the Binary Code in action: When you type the missive A on your keyboard. electrical signals are sent from the keyboard to the CPU. The CPU turns the signals into binary codification. Then. the computing machine reads the codification and sends it on to the proctor to expose the missive A.

KB. MB & A ; GB
You may hold seen these abbreviations many times earlier. Make you cognize what they mean?

< KB = kilobyte = about 1. 000 ( one 1000 ) bytes. ( 1024 or 2^10 ) < MB = M = about 1. 000. 000 ( one million ) bytes. ( 1. 048. 576 or 2^20 ) < GB= G = about 1. 000. 000. 000 ( one billion ) bytes ( 1. 073. 741. 824 or 2^30 ) As you can see. these abbreviations stand for a specific figure of bytes. And each byte holds 8 spots capable of organizing 256 combinations of 1/0. Belly laugh!

The figure that comes before one of these abbreviations represents the computer’s memory capacity. For illustration. if a computing machine has 64MB of RAM that means that the computing machine can manage 64. 000. 000 ( 64 million ) bytes of random entree memory ( that’s 64. 000. 000 microscopic 8-bit panels ) . Hard disc infinite is besides measured in bytes. So. a 15GB difficult thrust has 15. 000. 000. 000 ( 15 billion ) bytes for hive awaying memory.

Look at your keyboard. Each character key is represented by a figure that is held in a individual byte. Remember how the missive A is sent to the CPU to be translated into binary codification? The numerical value of the uppercase missive A is 65. That figure 65 is represented in one byte – a combination of 1 and 0 or on and off switches. The computing machine can non understand letters. so it translates them into Numberss that are represented by forms of on and off. To acquire an thought of how much on/off informations a computing machine can hive away. merely imagine pressing one cardinal one billion times! How long would it take? If you pressed the key 5 times per second. it would take you over 6 old ages of continuously typing to make 1 billion key strokes equal to 1GB of memory! And many computing machines today can hive away over 2048GB of memory on their difficult discs! Incredible! So. the following clip your computing machine is taking a long clip to lade a web page. think of how fast it truly is traveling!

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