Binge Drinking Among College Students

4 April 2015
Looks at the detrimental effects of binge drinking among college students.

This paper explains how binge drinking adversely affects students in many different aspects such as schoolwork, health, and safety.
” To most people, binge drinking is a self-destructive, uncontrolled, drinking session that last for at least a couple of days. This leads the heavily intoxicated drinker to “drops out” by not working, ignoring responsibilities, and engaging in harmful behaviors such as fighting and unsafe sex. The editor of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol emphasizes, that “binge” describes the extended period of time during which time a person repeatedly becomes intoxicated and gives up his or her usual activities and obligations in order to become intoxicated. Binge drinking is most common on college campuses, where nearly half of all college students “binge” drink.”

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