Biogas Plants

1 January 2018

Everyone is talking about biogas – politicians and ecologists, technicians and economists, laymenand experts. Biogas has become fashionable.The energy crisis of the next few years is the shortage of fuel for the daily needs of millions ofpeople. Simple biogas plants are intended to help solve this problem. It is time to set about this taskin a “professional” manner in the best sense of this word.Simple biogas plants are complicated enough to require total involvement with their specifictechnology.

After all, a biogas plant can only help to solve the problems of the future if it works! Butmany plants work badly. They are operated wrongly, are deficient in detail and are often incorrectlyscaled.Simple biogas plants have been constructed in Third World countries for about thirty years. Wehave been able to learn from the biogas pioneers for thirty years. But good and bad solutions arefeatured side by side without comment in articles and books.

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The same mistakes are repeated overand over again. This need not be the case.

The designer of a biogas plant must be able todistinguish between valid and invalid solutions. This little book is intended to help him in thisrespect.The figures and tables reproduced here constitute practical guides. They have been assembledfrom external and internal sources and simplified or modified in accordance with the author’s ownexperience. They should not be confused with laboratory values.All power to the elbow of the practical worker, whom I wish every success. I am always grateful forsuggestions and criticism.In addition to some minor changes, this second, revised edition contains three importantsupplementary observations:- The biogas system must include a tie-in to the animal shelter,- As a rule, floating-drum plants should be of the water jacket type,

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