Biography: Carl Gustav Jung

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the influence Dr. Jung had on the world of psychology and dream analysis.

This paper explores the psychological theories developed by Dr. Carl Jung. It shows the beginning of his career as a student and collaborator of Dr. Sigmund Freud, and his further analysis and disagreements with Freud in sexual desire thought patterns. This paper further examines Jung’s analytical psychology movement, and the theories he developed drawing on myths, history, and dreams.
He is less well known – and less vilified – than Sigmund Freud, that other great early psychoanalytic thinker, but Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung is just as important to us as we enter the 21st century as is Sigmund Freud. It is indeed arguable that he is even more important, that his theories and models of how the human mind works are more integrated into our common assumptions about how we think and dream than is the more severe work of Freud. This paper looks at the life and work of Jung, examining how much he contributed to a deeper understanding of the nature of the human psyche and looking especially at his theory of the importance of dreams. His differences with Freud in this area are especially illuminative, allowing us to understand the principles of his models of human thought.
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