2 February 2019

“I make mistakes, but I don’t have any regrets” (Kimbio). Kim Kardashian grew up the same way any other kid would although some major events played a role in making her into the person she is today. Some of the many accomplishments she has are her own perfume, a reality TV show with her family, clothing store, and etc. She’s not only known for her accomplishments though she also makes generous donations to charity. Kim is a role model to many different people due to the achievements and events she’s been through; she is one very strong supportive individual.
In the beginning, no one really knew who the Kardashians were besides Kim’s dad Robert Kardashian, who was a prominent attorney. Robert Defended O.J Simpson in his murder trial of Nicole Brown Simpson and this is where the start of “The Kardashians” began (Top25). He also owned a marketing company in where Kim first worked. Kim’s parents always told her “I will buy you nice things, but once you turn 18 you are cut off” (KimKardashian). At one point Kim asked him for some money to buy shoes off the internet in which she sold to people she knew making profit. This is how her name got around and people started to ask her to redesign their closets. Robert Kardashian pushed Kim to exceed in life and that’s exactly what she did, he started her off on the right foot and she made him proud.
Most importantly, Kim has accomplished so much in her life and still has big plans. Singer Brandy appeared on a “worst dressed” list which made her realize she needed change in her style so she went straight to Kim to be her personal stylist. After stars saw Brandy’s new style they asked Kim to redesign their closets too. With Kim’s great style she and her two sisters Kourtney and Kloe decide to open a cloths store called D-A-S-H. The store has been so successful they opened another one and are planning on a third location. Also, the Kardashian family has their own hit reality show called “Keeping up with the Kardashians” (KimKardashian). Having this show only opened more opportunities for the family. For instance, Kim was offered to pose in Playboy, she opened her own perfume line, competed on dancing with the stars, and now has her own workout DVD. People working out always think that if you’re curvey it automatically categorizes you as fat but Kim is a perfect role model because she reassures them by saying “You always see the typical skinny models and I’m not that, I’m proud not to be that” (Kimbio). This encourages girls positively that they don’t have to be stick skinny to be pretty. Everything that Kim has done has made her a very successful role model. She was born into a rich family but everything she has or has done was all on her own. Kim wasn’t handed everything from mommy and daddy, she did it on her own which makes it inspiring because it shows people that you can have nothing to start with and work your way up to success.
In Addition, Kim has never thought only about herself, she has helped many people out and inspired even more. In 2010 Kim’s earnings were the highest of any other reality star at $6 billion dollars, but instead of keeping it all to herself she donated 10% to charity (Kimbio). She has donated to many different foundations, trying to help as many individuals as possible. People these days are greedy and only care about themselves so to see her help the less fortunate says a lot about her. Also, to see her model as a woman with curves lets every girl know that you do not need to starve yourself to be gorgeous your curves are what make you gorgeous (Top25). Not only does she do for herself but for others around her, many people only do one or the other so to see her do both gives people hope that there are still caring individuals in today’s society.
In the end, seeing other people succeed like Kim has inspires people that anything is possible, you can be whoever you want and do anything you set your mind to. Everything Kim has, she has from her own success. She doesn’t sit around waiting for people to do something for her she does it on her own. A lot of girls think they need someone to support them but Kim is a perfect example on if you push yourself hard enough you can do anything you want.

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