Biology Essay Research Paper A Controlled experment

8 August 2017

Biology Essay, Research Paper

A Controlled experment allows a research worker to insulate and prove a individual virable

A kg is approx. equal to 2.2 lbs

A metre is a little longer than a pace

An astronaunt would anticipate her weight to be different on the Moon

A millilitre is equal to cc, ml, three-dimensional centemeter

A metre Contains 100 centimeter.

The weight of an object is the step of the pull of gravitation

0-100 is stop deading to boiling on the celcus graduated table

Populating orginsims produce new orginsims of the same species by reproduction

All life orginsims must obtain and utilize energy

The ability to respond to something in the enviroment is called crossness

The metric system is based ot scaled on the powers of 10

Recorded observations are called informations

The ability to reproduce your consequences is an of import portion of scientific discipline.

The first measure to the scientific method is to detect the job

Sexual reproduction is nessary because it provides for truth in the progeny

The sum of affair in a substance determines its mass

Scientists step temp. in grades Celsius

The basic unit of liquad volume in metric is the litre

The unit step for length is the metre

The information that you can see, hear, or odor in an experment is called informations

Biology is the survey if all life things

In outer infinite you can anticipate that your mass will remain the same.

There are at least 3 types of microscopes

Never Test more that 1 varable

The general term for Catabolism and constructive metabolism us Metabolism

The life span of each being ends up with decease

The 5 subdivisions of biological science are Botanists, Zoology, Miabiology, Palentology, Ethology

Photosynthesis- Process in which autotrophs make their ain nutrient usuing the energy in light, CO2 and H2O

3 parts of the cell theory:

1.all cells come from pre bing cells

2.all life prginsims are made up of cells

3. cells are the basic unit of construction and map of a life being

What is the difference between a works cell and an animate being cell?

A works cell has chloroplast and some other cell organs that an animate being cell doesn? T. A works cell does a procedure called photocenthesis which animate being cell doesn? T

A karyon is found in Eukaryotes

Ribosomes- brand proteins

Cromosomes- Deoxyribonucleic acid

Mitochondira- Transform energy from nutrient into more utile substances in the cell

Lysosmoes- Break down molecules within the cell

2 methods for stuffs to travel through cells:

1. Osmosis

2. Diffusion

Active conveyance requires energy

Water will go from an country of high concentration to low contration when seprated by a semi permible membrain.

If ruddy cells are added to H2O they will detonate

Another name for a cell eating a atom is Phagocyte.

When a cell drinks a liquid it is called pimocytosis

The nucleus the atom neucleus

The edifice block of all affair in the existence is largely empty infinite.


9c = 5f? 160 Centigrade to Fahrenheit

K = C + 273 Kelvin to Centigrade

675? 5f? 160 F to C

The basic unit of all affair is the Atom

When elements combine to organize substances dwelling of to or more different atoms, Chemical Compounds are produced

2 sorts of chemical Chemical bonds

H2O, NaCl

An acid is a compound that releases H ions

A base Is a compound that releases Hydroxide ions

The most of import facet of the H2O molecule is polar

The basic Groups of organic compounds found in life beings.

1. Protons

2. Carbohydrates

3. Fats ( liquids )

4.Nucleic Acid

Carbohydrates- Organic compound incorporating C, H, and O, or sugars and the organic structure? s chief beginning of energy

Proteins- Amino acids

Fats are made of? A long concatenation of C atoms with a corbox of a ylic acid on the terminal

Fat Molecule:

C-C-C-C- = O


The 3 major functions of Lipids in populating beings:


Form membranes

2. Chemical couriers

3. Store energy

The primary cellular energy beginning for about all living things is the Sun

The 4 elements that make up most living beings:

1. Carbon

2. Hydrogen

3. Oxygen

4. Nitrogen

Mixture- A substance composed of 2 or more elements or compounds that aren? T chemically combined

A chemical expression for a simple acid: H20

A chemical expression for a simple base: NaOh -* NA+ ) + Oh-

2 sorts of nucleic acids: RNA ( ribonucleic acid ) Deoxyribonucleic acid deoxyribonucleic

Pure H2O has an equal figure of acids and base molecules. 7ph

The scope of a ph graduated table is 0-14

Catalyst- A substance that speeds up the function of a chemical reaction

Ex of Saturated Fat- Found in meat and dairy merchandises.

Ex of Non Saturated Fat- Corn oil

Carbon is a alone component and the footing for fats, carbs, proteins and nucleic acid because it has a cornice of 4 and combined with 4 different things

Photosynthesis- Process in which autotrouphs make their ain nutrient utilizing the energy in light and CO2 and H2O.

General Formula for photosynthesis ( balanced ) :

CO2 + H20? visible radiation ( CH2O ) n+O2

Autotrophs- Organisms that are able to utilize a beginning of energy such as sunshine to bring forth nutrient from simple molecules in the environment

Heterotrophs- Organisms that obtain energy from nutrients they eat.

When a works releases oxygen the O comes from H2O


Cromosomes are made Deoxyribonucleic acid

Mitochondira- Give the cell energy

Lysosomes- Break down molecules in the cell

Methods that materals move threw cells:

Diffusion, osmosis

Active conveyance requires energy

If ruddy blood cells are added to H2O they will detonate.

Another name for a cell eating a atom is called phagocytosis

When a cell drinks a liquid is called Dinocytosis

There are 2 phases of photosynthesis

A batch more energy is in glucose than there is in ATP

Glucose- Sugar with expression C6 H12 O6 that is a merchandise of photosynthesis ; can be broken down for energy

Formula for Glucose: 6CO2+6H2O

The Citric acid rhythm takes topographic point in the inner chondriosome

Oxygen is the end merchandise of electron conveyance in the Mitochondrion

36 is the entire figure of ATP molecules produced by both glycolysis and the curbs rhythm

Fermentation- Procedure that enables cells to transport out energy production in the absence of O

2 sorts of Agitation: actic acid alcondic

At 12 % intoxicant barm will decease

Scientific Notation: .000000456 = 4.56 ten 10-7

2 compounds responsible for the Genetic Code: Deoxyribonucleic acid RNA

DNA- is the nucleic acid that shops and transmits the familial information from one coevals of an being to the following

Bacteriophage- A virus that infects bacteriums? s

4 Nitrogen bases Deoxyribonucleic acid:

1. Quanine

2. Adenine

3. Thymin

4. Adenine

The adult female who was instrumental in the detecting the construction of DNA is Roseline Franklin

Shucline and Crik were credited for the find of Deoxyribonucleic acid

The find of Deoxyribonucleic acid was made in 1953

The sugar used to do Deoxyribonucleic acid is deoxy ribose

4 Nitrogen bases for RNA:

1. Quanine

2. Adenine

3. Adenine

4. Vracil

3 sorts of RNA:

1. courier

2. ribosome

3. transportation RNA

Formula for Glycolysis

Q2 + gum? CO2 + H2O

36 ATP is released by Glycolysis

3 nucleotcdes that cool for a individual amino acid makes up a codon

Proteins are assembled in the cell

Proteins are made in the cell. The bond that holds them together is the H and peptide B bond.

64 codons are in the familial codification

The full familial plan needed to bring forth a human cell is found in any cell with a karyon

Protein is a long concatenation of Amino Acids

The familial codification is cosmopolitan to all animate beings, but it isn? t the same familial codification.

Carbohydrates- Long concatenation of sugars


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